Did you know that in 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish? Yeah, our plastic problem is that big. It is kind of incredible how we have only explored less than 5 % of the oceans on the planet yet we are able to completely destroy them, the animals and the ecosystems. Every year tons and tons of plastic end up in oceans and it will never go away. Once plastic is made it will always be here floating around. It is indestructible, instead of breaking down like biodegradable materials it breaks down into smaller pieces, called micro plastics, which are toxic, they are also called poison pills and ingested by the sea life making them suffer horrible deaths.  

Facts about plastic in the oceans from the documentary 'Our Plastic Oceans' 

- In the last 10 years we have made more plastic than we did in the century before that.

- Plastic is dumped into our oceans making sea life die. A whale had six square meters of plastic inside. It couldn't eat or swim because of the plastic. It died of malnourishment because of the blocked digestive system. This whale is just one animal out of millions that has suffered a painful death because of plastic.

- US alone throws away 38 billion plastic water bottles every year which means two million tons of plastic goes to landfills, some ending up in oceans and that is only bottles where 90% of them were only used once.

- Every person will use and dispose about 136 kilo single use plastic yearly.

- Almost every single piece of plastic ever made is still on the planet in one form or another.

- About 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into the oceans every year.

- 5 trillion pieces of plastic are floating around in the ocean worldwide.

- In some places there are more plastic than there are plankton.

- That plastic is being eaten by sea life killing the life under water. You eat seafood = you eat plastic, you eat plastic = you eat toxins. 

- Plastic does not degrade. It does not break down, it breaks up into smaller toxic pieces, called micro plastic, eaten by sea life.

- North Atlantic has 3440 metric tons of just micro plastic, larger pieces not included.

- In Europe alone there are 15 million  tons of plastic going into landfills every year, a large portion of it ending up in oceans. 

Source: Instagram

What can we do?
Even though the oceans basically are poisoned liquid, there are things we can do to at least stop the situation from getting any worse and maybe even help the oceans get rid of the already existing plastic. First off; stop using plastic. If that is not something that is possible to completely do -which it isn't for a lot of people - look at the areas in your life where you CAN minimize your plastic use. There are tons of small ways you can minimize your use of plastic that helps in a much larger way and here are just a few:

- Switch from plastic bags to tote bags.
- Switch from plastic toothbrushes to bamboo toothbrushes* (get 15% off with code soluunaxOB15).
- Switch from plastic straws to bamboo straws.
- Switch from plastic pads/tampons to menstrual cups /reusable pads or thinx underwear (post about
natural period products coming soon).
- Ditch anything with glitter, it is literally just small pieces of plastic.
- Ditch nail polish - nothing put toxic.
- Buy and reuse glass containers for storage.
- Minimize your purchases with plastic packaging. 

What about the plastic already in the oceans killing the sealife and the eco system?

Another way you can support the oceans and the planet is to buy a bracelet from 4ocean. For each bracelet sold they pull one pound of plastic from the ocean. All the bracelets are made from recycled materials and the different colored bracelets supports a certain sea creature which I think is pretty cool. You can find all of their bracelets right here. These bracelets are great gifts and definitely going on my wish list! 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you will #rethinkplastic. If you have any questions or other ideas to minimize plastic please leave them below. 

This post contains affiliate links meaning that at no additional cost to you I earn a small commission if you make a purchase through my link. The links will be marked with a *. 

I have always been told that I am weird so I thought it would be fun to share a couple of facts about me so you can get to know me a bit better. Please share a (weird) fact or two about you in the comments, I would love to get to know you too! As mentioned, I have been told that I am very weird but it was actually very hard to find these facts because to me they are just... normal things I do, haha. But why don't we get into the weird stuff (drink every time I just wrote weird - and when I mean drink, I mean water lol): 

1. I like to eat cooked foods at room temperature. I absolutely love cooked foods but too hot? No thank you. Cool it down please. This also means that I typically make my dinner earlier in the day so it is cooled at dinner time. 

2. I absolutely LOVE decluttering. It is so satisfying, relaxing and liberating, which is a huge change from my past self where I could not even have all my stuff in my room. Now, I would love to have little to no stuff and I am slowly getting there. 

3. I always make weird faces to myself when I see my reflection. I have no idea why but it's fun, haha you should try it. 

4. I love when paper has a yellowish color. Is that weird? 

5. On the topic of books; I always smell books. The older the book the better the smell. And books are not the only thing I smell, I smell literally anything I can get close to..

6. The walls in my room are completely bare and I absolutely love it! (Me probably loving to declutter a bit too much maybe?..)

7. I am one of those who sleep with their socks on.. unless it's insanely hot during the night. But other than that my socks are on during sleep. 

8. I am an introvert. I like being with other people but I love being alone. I have to have some alone time, preferably all the time.... just kidding, maybe just 90 % of the time. 

9. I always end up watching a movie I have already seen (and enjoyed) because I'm kind of scared of watching a bad movie. I don't know what it is but the thought of watching a bad movie makes me panic. What the fuck?? 

10. I love silence. It is just so nice, calming and relaxing. That also means that loud music is not my cup of tea. Like, can we turn it down please? 

11. I love not wearing underwear. Like, it's just the best! During the night I only wear my PJ's (+ socks) and then no underwear. Das how I like it! 

12. I consider myself to be a spiritual person which is something I want to share more of on here. There are already a few posts if you click 'spirituality' under my header. Let's get weird!

13. I also believe in the paranormal world. Is that the same world?? I guess the definition depends on the person and their beliefs. 

14. I never drink plain water. There is always either lemon or cucumber or a third thing in it. You can learn more here

15. I don't really get the whole obsession with being tan. I absolutely hate sunbathing. All I want is some vitamin D from the sun and I'm happy. 

Bonus fact: I am a perfectionist and super lazy at the same time which is sometimes a struggle. Who am I kidding it is a struggle all the time and my lazy ass wins most of the time...

Thank you for reading. What are some weird facts about you? 


My nose has been running a lot lately which means that I have been using a lot of tissues - not exactly low waste. Therefore I wanted a solution that was not disposable but reusable instead which led me to these: tissues made of fabric. Super easy to do and when a lot of them have been used just throw them in the wash in one of those laundry bags for delicates and they are as good as new.

The fabric is a pillow case I found at the thrift store but literally anything cotton will do. Now let's get into it:

Optional: Iron the fabric before you start cutting. This will make the cutting part much easier if the fabric is very wrinkly. 

Cut the fabric into rectangles the desired size. I cut mine 9x15 cm. Cut as many as you would like.

Make a zig zag stitch around the edges so the fabric won't unravel - if you have an overlocker use that around the edges. 

Cut off any excess thread and you are done! Repeat with every rectangle

Have a jar for your unused tissues and then one where you have used tissues so you don't have to wash them as you use them. 

How easy was that?? Thank you for reading!


You have clothes in your closet. You wear clothes on your body every single day. You may even buy clothing on a regular basis. Clothing that you and many of us know nothing about; where it comes from or what impact it has on the planet and the people who are making it. Until recently, I was one of those people. I may have bought thrifted clothes but sometimes I went to a fast fashion store and bought clothing without any idea of what actually goes on behind the fabric and how it destroys the planet. 

Because it does. Not only the planet but also the people making it. And that is what 'The True Cost' is all about. It sheds light on a topic that most humans know nothing about; the dangers, the damages and the injustice of the (fast) fashion industry. 

What is The True Cost about? 
The True Cost is a documentary that is asking the questions we do not ask. How exactly is the clothes we wear being made? Who makes the clothing? And how does the fast fashion impact the world? These are just some of the questions this movie takes you along the way to answer. 

This is a documentary for everyone who buys, wears, use clothing which is essentially all of us; 

- Learn about the workers who sew the clothing you buy. Their dangerous environments, their long hours and the low wages 

- Learn about how the fashion industry is incredibly wasteful and destroying the planet

- Learn about how people are dying in the name of (fast) fashion

- Learn about how people are living in dangerous and deadly environments because of the fashion industry

- Learn about the way the cotton fabric is made and the dark side of it

And that is exactly why it is so important. It is so educational on a topic so unfamiliar to us as consumers not thinking twice about where we shop, how much we shop and the damages of it. That is why it is called The True Cost; the industry is all about profit. You are not paying the true cost of the clothing you buy. The price does not include the polluting of our water, the real cost of labor, the cost of people dying in factories and because of the toxic air/water. People do not know the true cost and that is what this movie is showing; the true cost of the fashion industry. 

Where can you watch it? 
You can watch the documentary on Netflix. If you would like to watch it you can sign up for a month for free which is what I did but you can also buy a digital download of it right here, learn more about the movie and watch the trailer.  


It was raining, dark outside, I was on my period and watching New Girl and I wanted something sweet so I went to the kitchen, followed my intuition and these bad girls came out of it. Soft, chocolate and almond cookies that can be enjoyed while they are warm or when they have cooled down. Vegan, refined sugar free, gluten-free and so incredibly decadent! Only four ingredients and all the tools you need are a fork, a plate, a bowl and the oven. For about 15 cookies you need: 

100g almonds 
70g almond meal (if you do not have almonds you can blend up some almonds finely)
30g carob powder
200g fresh dates, pitted

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius. 

Mash the dates one by one on a plate with a fork. 

Chop the almonds roughly with a knife and put them in a bowl. 

Add the carob and the almond meal to the bowl and mix well. 

Then add the dates to the bowl and use your hands to combine the date paste with the dry ingredients. 

Once combined take around a spoonful of the dough, roll it to a ball and press it flat with your palms and fingers. If the dough is too sticky wet your hands a bit to make it easier to work with. 

Place them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. 

Put them in the oven for 10 minutes. 

As mentioned, they can be enjoyed warm - let them cool for about 10-15 min. or let them cool completely. 



So, periods. Something a lot of people have but not something that is talked about. Well not until recently. We are starting to open up about this topic that affects so many of us and that is truly amazing. I will be doing a couple of posts in the future about different zero waste period products but today it is going to be all about cramps.
Cramps can be very painful and super uncomfortable. I used to have bad period cramps. Pain where I can do nothing but lie in my bed and try to relax. Going vegan helped a lot with that though I still experience some pain in my stomach and back. Here are some other things that help with my cramps:

I haven't used a regular shampoo for about a year and a half now and to be honest I love it! Instead I have been using rhassoul clay to help clean my hair. Clay? As Shampoo? How? That's what today's post is about plus the benefits I have experienced since I started using it. Other than the transitioning period where your hair and scalp is cleansing and getting used to taking care of itself it is just like using regular shampoo.. well, kind of.. the clay is natural and you mix it yourself. Let's get into how to use it:  

Water is so important for our bodies since we are basically water. I have always been so incredibly bad at drinking water and have always been dehydrated with dry lips and a tired mind. When I started thinking about how I could better my life I wanted to see what being hydrated would do to my body. I started out with getting 2 liters of water and then worked my way up to 3. 

Now I don't know what the correct amount of water is but I have felt that around 3 feels so great. And some days I want more and some days I don't need that much. It also depends if I am on my period or if the weather is really dang hot like it is right now. 

What actually happened when I started drinking enough water? The first thing I noticed was that I was less tired. I had so much more energy, a better concentration and I just feel less cranky both in the morning but also during the day. I have no headaches and my skin and eyes are glowing. I overall feel so much greater when I drink more water. 

Here are a few ways I started drinking more: 

1. Spice it up 
I started out just drinking water without anything in it other that a couple of glasses with lemon juice in the morning. This went on for a few months and I did not see many changes other than the fact that I went to the bathroom more. 
Then I started putting in lemon and cucumber slices and many other fruits and veggies and boom, changes happened almost immediately. I felt so much better after the first week of only drinking water that had fruits or veggies in it. If you want to know my favorites ways to spice up my water then click right here. Make sure what you put in your water is organic. 

2. Track it 
The glass I drink from can contain half a liter of water. So I started off with 5 circles in my calendar and slowly worked my way up to 6. Everytime I had finished a glass of water I would mark it in one of the circles. This helped so much because I got to see what I actually drank and set a goal of how much I wanted to drink. 
Now I don't have to mark it in my calendar, I just drink and feel in my body when I need it. And that is a lot. If you don't have a physical calendar you could always make a note in your phone or you could get a water tracking app. 

3. Have water with you
I always have a glass of water by my side at home, at my night stand when I read, by the side of my computer when I write and ready on the table after my yoga practice. When I go out I always carry a glass water bottle typically with some freshly squeezed lemon juice in it to always keep me hydrated. When you have it with you, you are more likely to actually drink it than if you had to go get some water when you are thirsty.  

4. Make it a part of your routine 
Drinking water is a part of my morning routine. The first thing I do is drink a glass of water, then I do some yoga and then I drink another glass. It is especially important to drink in the morning because in the long amount of time we have been sleeping we have not been drinking water. So it is important to make it a part of your morning routine to get hydrated first thing in the morning.

4. Eat hydrating foods
You do not only have to drink water to get hydrated you can also eat hydrating foods. A good one is watermelon but cucumber, strawberries and other melons are also super great. This will definitely help you if you have trouble with the water. I typically eat one cucumber a day (call me boring but I love it as a snack - so refreshing) and in the summer I love to enjoy half a watermelon. And of course, lots of strawberries. 

This is how I started drinking more water and it has ended in me feeling so much better. It is definitely better to work your way up, drink more water as the days go so your body can adjust to it and you avoids the headaches that can appear if you suddenly go from no water to 3 liters. Let your body get used to it and eat more hydrating foods. 


I only carry a few things in my bag. I don't have tons of old receipts, a few chapsticks, 3 pairs of sunglasses or what else many people tend to have in there that they have forgotten all about. I like to keep it very simple with only a few items so I don't have to look for hours after things I need because my bag is a mess. I am all about ethical and sustainable living so I thought I would share what is always in my bag when I am on the go: 

Homemade bag from thrifted fabric: My mother has been so sweet to sew me a bag I can bring me on the go. You can make one yourself from thrifted materials or you can find a bag at the thrift store. There are tons of options in different styles and sizes. 
Fabric elastic: When I am on the go I like to have my hair out of my face. Therefore I always bring a fabric elastic with me on the go. I love these big ones because I cant feel them in my hair. Sometimes I bring two so I have the option to make braids. 
Water bottle: I never leave the house without water. And I never drink water without lemons, cucumber or another flavor in it. You can click here to find my favorite ways to spice up my water. I don't have to buy a plastic bottle and I can refill it when I need more. Money saved and less plastic. Definitely a win-win situation! If I am feeling like it I also like to bring a bamboo straw with me.
Sunglasses: When the sun is out I like to throw on some sunglasses. I am very sensitive to the sunlight and my eyes quickly start to hurt and I get headaches. Therefore sunglasses always. These are not ethically bought but I do not want to throw out a pair that works perfectly - that would be a waste and I'm not all about that, haha. If they get ruined some day I will find a pair at the thrift store. 
Coconut oil: Coconut oil is an absolute wonder. I have already made a post on how I use it outside the kitchen - check it out here. I always have it on me if my lips or hands are dry. It is just nice to have. The container is from a thrift store. 
Tote bags: Another thing I never leave the house without. They are just so practical if I buy something or if I need a bag for something. And if I bring any fruit with me I like to pop them in there. Tote bags are a must have in your bag!

Anything else? Sometimes I also throw in a notebook and a pen because I tend to get ideas in the most random places all hours of the day. I like to be prepared for that otherwise it is just stuck in my head all day because I can't get it out or I will forget the idea and I can't have that, haha. If it is necessary I bring my phone, otherwise I like to leave it at home.  

Because of the menstrual app clue I know when it is time for my period. Therefore it is also much easier to prepare. It gives me a notification (the only notification I get on my phone) a couple of days before my period. You can also see on the app how far you are in your cycle and if you need to bring period products on the go. When it is time for my period I like to bring: 
Reusable pads with a little bag: I am currently switching from regular disposable pads to reusable fabric pads. These are so much better for the environment and they are organic meaning without toxic chemicals (which is in regular pads). 
An extra small bag: to keep my used pads in. It is just two pieces of fabric sew together like a plastic bag. Then when I get home I can soak/rinse them in water and wash them. 
My menstrual cup: I am also starting to use a menstrual cup. It has taken a few months to get used to but I think I am finally getting the hang of it. Just like the pads these are much better for the environment and one cup can last 10 years! That is crazy compared to how many tampons/pads are used on each period. Such a money saver! 
An extra pair of underwear: I have yet to leak when wearing my reusable pads or the menstrual cup but if it happens I like to be prepared. I have always had an extra pair of underwear in my bag when I am on my period. It is just nice to have 'just in case'.

What are your bag essentials?


I am back with another vegan beginner tips. If you want to read the first one then just move your mouse right here and click to check it out. I would highly recommend you reading that first because it covers all the basics. If you do not know why you should go vegan then click here to check out my benefits of going vegan. But here are some more tips to make it easier and to better your vegan life - and if you aren't vegan (yet) then you can still use some of these tips in your every day life. But let's get into it: 

There are many people who are more on social media that they are in the actual present of the world that is not seen through a screen. Social media is for many people, if not all, something that lowers the productivity because of the mindless scrolling for hours and hours. I myself have noticed that I am way more productive without my phone near me and logged out of all social media platforms.

I don't know about you but I have never liked the traditional bras with wires. They are so uncomfortable, hurts and leave red marks on my skin. So a couple of years ago I decided to ditch them for good and go for a more comfortable option; triangle bras and tops like these. They were super cheap at H&M and other fast fashion stores but not exactly ethical, so what then? 
Organic Basics has the most amazing basics including triangle bras that is, you guessed it organic but also ethical - You can learn more about them here and also get 15% off your first order. It is definitely the easiest to buy them but they are also super easy to make yourself. I just found a regular top with thin straps and cotton fabric at the thrift store and did this: 

Yes, you heard correctly. Vegan Nutella bliss bites. Not only are they incredibly indulgent they are also healthy, nutty and absolutely delicious. Enjoy them as treats to your next movie or as a snack on the go to boost your energy. When you taste these you will want all of them for yourself but these will definitely impress fellow humans if you choose to share. I will definitely be bringing these to the next movie night with my friends!