So many people are able to find an item, if not multiple, in the back of their closet that was an impulse purchase either because we thought we needed it, because it was on sale or simply because we were bored (or feeling other feelings) and needed something to do, something to distract ourselves. Not only are impulse purchases a waste of money, they are also so wasteful in terms of resources and water. It is not cheap for the environment to make clothing so for the impulse purchase to end up in the back of your closet or as an item never worn at a landfill, is not ideal to anyone (well maybe to the store you purchased it from but since they are on the same planet as you they will also go down with the it.. so the money from your impulse purchase does not really matter...). Here are some ways to stop impulse buying: 

Have a list of what you need
If you find yourself in a situation where you need something or find something you want then make a list with items you think about buying. Have the item be on the list for a couple of months and if you still need it then go ahead and purchase it but you may also have found an alternative or maybe you didn't need it as much as you thought. By making a list and having to wait x amount of months, it ensures you that you do not make impulse purchases and that what you buy will actually be used. Try making the rule that you can only buy what is on your need-list after 4-6 months of waiting to see if it is really needed.

Question before purchasing
See something you want? To make sure it is not an impulse buy figure out why you should get it. Why would you get this? How would it bring value to your life? What would be the benefits of this item? Before you purchase anything ask these questions and make three valid reasons why you should get it which can't be; because I like it, because I want it or because you feel like it. It has to be actual valid reasons like, you need a scarf for when you go for walks during the fall/winter or that you are in the need of a pillow for your back when you read in bed - reasons like that.

The 'one in one out' rule
If you are out and find something you want but it is not on the list, make it a rule that you then have to think of a thing to get rid of in exchange for the new item. If it is something that is not on the list then use the one in one out rule. If you want to bring this item home with you, you have to get rid of an item you have in the same area, for example, clothes with clothes. This way you won't expand on the things that you don't need because you have to replace something in your closet. And you have to want the new item more than what you already have. 

Don't look just to look
Most impulse purchases are made because you are just looking. Stop browsing the different sites or stop going to the thrift store (or other stores) without a reason. We make the most purchases when we are bored because it is something to pass the time with and when we feel bored, our judgment of what we actually need is not that great, terrible in fact. Don't look when you are bored, remove email subscriptions from brands and remove the 1-click-order option.

If you are impulse buying a lot of clothes
I think the most impulse purchases I have ever made is clothing. It is so easy to go to a store and find something because why not (read: bored) or I have bought something because it was on sale with no other reason than that. To prevent clothing impulse purchases, before you buy something make at least three outfits (you genuinely want to wear) with the item you want to buy. This way you will make sure that it works with your closet. You can also put it on your list, wait a couple of months (some wait half a year) and see if it is still something you want/need or if it was just a itch you needed to scratch.

On sale
This is such an impulse thing because it's on sale so you save money. Well, if it is not something you truly need then you actually waste money and you took something home with you that is going to take up space and suck your energy + hurt the planet. If you are standing with something that is on sale and you want to know if you should get it ask yourself: 'would I have bought this if it were the original price?' If you wouldn't (which is typically the answer) then you will not use it and it is not worth it and if you would then use the advice above and  make (at least) three outfits with the item before purchasing. 

Try a no-buy period
If you want to break the habit completely try a no-buy month or two, some do 6 months, some do a whole year, where you don't buy anything other than food or other necessities (read: necessities!!) - if you want to know more there are tons of videos about the topic on youtube - I would recommend Hannah Louise Poston's videos on the topic.  A no-buy period will probably be the best solution for some, I know it would have been for me because I still made excuses to purchase items I didn't need a year or two ago when I tried to slow down my purchasing.
When you have a problem with purchasing things you do not need it will be to vague to say 'only buy the things you need' because you do not have a sense of what that is. But saying 'I can't buy anything for 6 months other than food' is clear; you can't buy anything. It will be most effective the longer the period is - but a months will also do wonders.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you can use some of these tips to add to your routine when trying to break the impulse purchases.


I have always absolutely loved rice with curry dishes but since my stomach does not work well with rice I had to let it go, well so I thought. I went many months craving curry dishes and it wasn't until recently where it dawned on me that I could replace the rice with cauliflower rice. I gave it a go and it turned out incredibly delicious. Even better than regular rice if I may say so - or maybe it's because the cauliflower doesn't make my stomach hurt like the rice did. But let's get into how to make this amazing and super easy dish. 

For 2 servings you need: 

1 cauliflower
2 red onions
200g mushrooms
2 big tomatoes
2 garlic gloves
175g thawed peas
1 tbsp. coconut oil
1 ½ tsp. medium strong curry
1-2 tsp. salt
Optional: 2 avocados

Remove the leaves off the cauliflower and cut off the stem. Cut it into smaller pieces and place the cauliflower in a food processor. Blend until the cauliflower turns into ‘rice’.

Rinse and cut the mushrooms into smaller pieces. Peel and cut the onion into smaller pieces. 

Place the coconut oil into a sauté pan and let it melt. Add the mushrooms into the pan and turn the heat down to medium.

Let it cook until the liquid has evaporated and the onion turns tender, it takes about 10 minutes while you stir frequently.

Then add the garlic with a garlic presser and stir.

Now add the cauliflower rice, curry and salt and stir. Let it cook for 5 minutes with a lid on.

Then add the tomatoes, diced and the peas and stir.

Let this simmer for about 10 minutes under a lid at low heat. Season with salt. 

Cut the avocados into smaller pieces.

Take the pan off the heat, place in the avocado and stir. 

Serve on plate. Add basil for decoration if desired.

Thank you so much for reading! Hope to see you again. 


Hello there, I hope you are having a fantastic day. Now I'm not a yoga teacher but I am very interested in yoga and I absolutely love to learn so I wanted to combine it with something I also find very intriguing; chakras. More specifically how to use different yoga poses to balance your chakras. There are tons of poses to help each chakra, I have chosen the ones I like best and if you want to, make it a routine that goes through all of them - otherwise if you are out of balance with one or some of them, use these poses to gain alignment. If you have never heard of chakra before, we have 7 main chakras;

When I was younger I used to have the softest hair. Shiny, thick and healthy. Then as I went into the teenage years I started using all of these products on my hair and it was not happy. Slowly my scalp started to get more oily and my ends started to get dry, split and the opposite of soft. And because of that I started using hair products that were meant to make my hair happy but it just.. did nothing.. So I slowly started to minimize my use of hair products and my hair started to smile again. 

Going zero waste, or low waste for a more reachable term, is like any other lifestyle changes a process. Despite the fact that I would love to have absolutely no waste overnight it is no possible and there are still changes I want to make in the direction of lowering my waste and I discover new ways every single day. Because it does not happen overnight. There is nothing that happens overnight and that is where I think some of the lifestyle changes like minimalism, veganism and zero waste lose some people. Because of the exclusiveness, the name calling and the overall  'internet police'.

It is such a common thing today to struggle with the simple act of falling asleep. Many of us lay hours and hours awake trying to enter the state of sleep yet only manage to get more and more frustrated as it seems like an almost impossible thing to do. I have struggled with insomnia for many years and it is one of the most horrible and destructive struggles to have. Not getting enough sleep will ruin our energy, our concentration and our overall well being. Sleep is so important and since I have beaten the constant insomnia I wanted to share some of my tips for a better sleep and tips to fall asleep quicker.

As some of you may know I recently published a new eBook with delicious vegan dessert and snack recipes that are vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free and as the title suggest; nut free, so anyone, no matter if you can digest nuts or not can enjoy the recipes - learn more about the eBook right here. To celebrate my new eBook I wanted to share a recipe from the book and I absolutely love these easy to make bliss bites so I thought why not? Let's get into how to make them:

I think we can all agree that I buy a lot from the thrift store - if you want to know more specifically about why I thrift click right here. But there are some things I don't buy thrifted, to be honest it's just a couple. Either because I can't find it even though I have looked for months or because I don't really want to. If you want to know more about how to build and ethical closet then just click right here to check that out and let's get into what I don't buy thrifted: 

There are so many small ways to help the environment, the animals and your own health. The new year is the perfect opportunity (like every other time of the year) to make some changes in your choices. Choose to care. About the planet, the environment, the animals, humans. Choose to want to do better. To create a better world. I am not saying to completely change your life over night or that you need to be doing everything in the world to save the planet - but just small changes can have a huge impact.

During this year I have been working a lot on myself mentally and I have discovered what I actually care about and how I want to live my life. I have been diving into my zero waste and minimalist interest, found amazing tips and new products that make my life less wasteful. I have stripped back completely, I have removed all the things I thought I 'needed' in order to be who I thought I was - I have let go of who I thought I needed to be from the eyes of others. Because I have let go of the image I need to present to others I have gained peace in my mind, my soul and my body. For the first time in many years I have been able to enjoy things in a way I never have before.

Here are some of the things I have enjoyed and absolutely loved in 2018:

I have been loving discovering new products that can help me towards a low waste, sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle. Here are my absolute favorites:

Menstrual cup: Oh my lord am I glad that I tried one more time to get this to work. When I first bought it I could not get it to work because I did not relax. Relaxing when using a menstrual cup is key and now I absolutely love it. It is so amazing that there is no plastic waste during my period and it just works so well for me. I am going to have a post about it in the new year but I already talk about it in my post about 3 natural period products

The basics from Organic Basics: This year was a goodbye to fast fashion for me and I bought my basics at fast fashion stores so what then? Organic Basics is just.. yes please. Everything I want in my basics; organic, ethically and sustainably made. Check out my post where I talk about their items here. Seriously the softest fabric ever.

Shampoo bar: I wanted a shampoo solution without plastic and the bars from Friendly Soap are perfect. Only three ingredients, the one I use without fragrances and they work wonderfully! I have a post all about it is coming soon.

Yoga mat: Every night before I go to bed I stretch and practice yoga. It makes me sleep better, I fall asleep faster and it has improved my well being and mental health so much. Therefore I looove my yoga mat!

My plants: They bring light, cleanse the energy and the air in my room and I love taking care of them. They inspire me so much to being in the moment and growing. Plants do not question why or how they grow, they just do. Now, that's something I can learn to do.

Onenote: I really wanted to get all my notes and thoughts and ideas in one place instead of spread into different notebooks and onenote has helped me do just that. I love the format and it is so easy to organize and helps get a clear view of all the things that clutter my head and I avoid using paper.

Call me by your name: the story, the love, the characters, the connections, the filming, the surroundings. Everything was so amazing. The filming was so simple yet there was so much more underneath. I love the ‘don’t cut away from the feeling’ effect. The timing of everything was perfect, the acting and the dialogue was perfect. The father's quote ‘feeling nothing, what a waste’ hits hard in a way I cannot explain but it just feels so true. There is nothing wrong with feeling. Stunning movie and definitely one of my favorites. 
RAW: I find this movie so disgusting yet so good - and so interesting at the same time. It has that 'so-disgusting-but-I-can't-look-away' effect and I found myself needing to know what the hell was going on. I am not big on watching movies where they speak other languages than English but this has really made me interested in going beyond the English language because wow was that an experience!

Brokeback mountain: I have wanted to watch this movie for quite a while now I just never really did. That changed this year and I absolutely loved it. This movie is so simple yet there is so much to it that makes it an absolute masterpiece.

Arrival: had me tensed up throughout the whole movie until the screen turned black. I was so invested in the story and found it so incredibly cool. I love the fact that it kind of fucked with the viewers mind - at least it did to me - with the aspect of time but I found it so refreshing that this topic is 'discussed'. Definitely a must watch! 

Restore me: I am a huge, if not enormous, fan of the Shatter Me series and this one did not disappoint. I was so excited when I heard that Mafi continued the series but also terrified that it would be 'ruined'. It only got better and the next book cannot come soon enough! 

Milk and honey: Like a lot of people this was the book that really got me into poetry. I always hated it in school because it was so… school. But Milk and Honey completely shatters the (to me) 'boring' and uninteresting 'classic' school poems. So thank you Rupi for renewing the genre and making me fall in love with it!  

Call me by your name: Even more amazing than the movie but I will say that I am happy I saw the movie first so I had the amazing visuals in my mind. Nothing put pure art and I like the 'restore me' I am so afraid of the continuation but also so freaking excited!

The power of now: This is probably, no actually not probably, this is the book that has affected my life the most out of every book, not only this year but every book, I have ever read. This has completely changed my life. This has opened my eyes to what actually matters and who I am. I have let go of so many destructive feelings after reading this book, I am more present and I have connected more with myself. I have written a post inspired by this book - read it here; the powerof silence.

Big Magic: Yes, yes, yes! This is a must read if you like being creative in any way because it makes so much sense and explain the process of ideas and the creative process so well in a way you can use it for your own.

Kristen Leo: was the one to push me the final step to quit fast fashion and thank you so much for that! She makes the most educational videos on topics that are right up my alley; zero waste, sustainability and veganism + so much more. Definitely my favorite youtuber this year! 

Shane Dawson 2.0: I have followed Shane for quite some time and was ready to unsubscribe because the more I went into sustainability and conscious choices the less interesting his content became with building things from candy, tasting 'toxic' foods, burning barbies and whatever else he made. Then he started his docu series and started actually liking what he made which shines though. 

Vegan Earth and Soul: Calming presence, veganism, zero waste, questioning our use of makeup, fashion and social media is what Anna's channel is all about and I am so glad I found her. She has inspired me so much and I was so lucky to collab with her on tips for de-stressing - check it out here. Definitely also a favorite this year!

Here is the music I have been listening to a lot (and when I say a lot I mean A LOT) throughout the year. They have definitely broken the repeat button:
  • What’s it gonna be by Shura (just Shura in general; Just Once, Touch, White Light and more)
  • Volcanic Love by The Aces
  • Swimming Pools by Troye Sivan (Troye Sivan in general; Animal, Seventeen, Plum, Bloom, Dance to This)
  • I believe you by FLETCHER
  • The Middle by wet
  • Psycopath by Sasha Sloan, Charlotte Lawrence and Nina Nesbitt
  • Normal by Sasha Sloan (Chasing Parties, Older, Version of Me, Ready Yet, Faking it and other songs by her)
  • I know a place by Muna
  • Where's my love by SYML
  • Empty Space and Naked by James Arthur
  • Aly & AJ-'s EP 'Ten Years' - it is so good! Impossible to pick a favorite!

These are my favorites from 2018. Thank you so much for reading! What have you been loving this year? 


Every year, before the new year starts I go through every area of my life to see if there is something I need to get done. I write down everything I can think of and when I am done I take the ones that occupy my mind the most to get them done first. It really helps to clear my mind before the new year starts. Here I have 10 ideas to things to get done before our calendars starts to say 2019. You do not have to do every single one of them but choose a few to get done thoroughly. Is there anything you do before the new year? Leave them down in the comments below.

So what does a minimalist and a person who would like to minimize their waste do around the year where people literally go crazy with spending, spending, spending and giving, giving, giving? Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong about giving, in fact the thought about giving joy to others is beautiful - but when it turns into nothing other than consumption, money and greed  it loses that one thing it should be about; heart.

The time of year that is all about joy has been turned into nothing but stress. 'Christmas is so stressful' is something I hear every single year, multiple times but Christmas in itself is not stressful. What we feel like we 'have to do' around Christmas is what is stressful and let's not forget the fact that stress is a choice. What should be joy turns into necessity.

Last Christmas (I gave you my heart, haha sorry I had to) while my family and I were unwrapping presents I stopped towards the end and looked at our big plastic bag of wrapping paper and thought: 'wow, that's a lot of waste' and we are only one family not even giving that many gifts so I actually got stressed thinking about how much it must be worldwide. Have you ever stopped to wonder how much paper is thrown into landfills every December? Last year I did exactly that and I couldn't even imagine how much it actually is.