I must admit, I have never really been the type to sit down and watch some educational movies or documentaries. I found them way too heavy and my head was already heavy and dark enough as it was. I did not need the extra icing on that cake. And to be honest I don't think I was ready for the life changing information I have now been exposed to in these movies. Instead I watched something lighthearted, something that took me out of the constant stage of (dark) thoughts, heavy feelings and mood swings. Movies like rom-coms and chick flicks with little to no substance.. or at least I could just choose to stay on the surface not giving it another thought.  

This has changed. Don't get me wrong I still love my zero substance movie once in a while but I am not afraid of learning and diving into the documentaries and videos that are educational, life changing and give me a new perspective on the world and not to mention the fact that they are able to make me grow as a person and develop into who I want to be. Because these movies are just that, they have made me who I am today and I would not want to be without them:

The True Cost opens up to a topic I, about six months ago, knew nothing about and today, it is one of the topics that I am the most passionate about. This is the movie that uncovers the dark side of the fast fashion industry. How exactly the workers are treated, how they are not being paid enough for their sweat and tears and how they are working in such dangerous environments that it has killed over a thousand people. The True Cost is a must watch movie if you buy and wear clothing because it is information that should be well known. You can learn way more about the movie in my other post about it here.

Watch this if you want to learn more about the dangers and damages of the (fast) fashion industry.

Innsæi // innsaei  - watch it on Netflix
I have talked a little bit about some spiritual topics here and I definitely want to dive more into that. One of the recent movies I have seen is called innsaei and I would say that it is not necessarily spiritual. It just goes into the importance of being, the importance of listening to our intuition and bring awareness to our consciousness and our senses in order to be connected to the world we live in, connected to each other and to ourselves. Because in this world where everything goes way too fast, way to busy and way to unaware. It is important to connect and listen to the sea within (which is just one of the meanings behind the word innsaei). This is a must watch movie if you want to connect with yourself, your life and your surroundings.

Watch this if you want to connect to the world around you and let go of stress and pressure. 

"Why are you so happy?" is the questions one of the founders behind The Minimalists asked the other founder. The answer was: he started to let go of stuff. This led them both to a new journey of minimalism and inspiring others to give up the illusion that in order to be happy and have a successful life you need things. This is what the movie is all about; that in order to find true happiness we need to let go, to stop clinging on to objects and the illusions we want to set up for people looking at us from the outside. This movie led me to one of the most important questions I bring with me today; does this add value to my life?

Watch this if you want to learn more about minimalism and the incredible benefits of less.

Our Plastic Oceans - watch it on Netflix
This movie is so incredibly heartbreaking. Not because it is extremely graphic but because it dives under the surface of how we are destroying the life underwater. Not even just under water but also above the surface. We are destroying the planet with something that is everywhere; plastic. It is absolutely insane how much plastic is dumped into the oceans yearly and how it effects the sea life, how it is killing the sea life and the ecosystems because the reality is, in 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean that fish! I have already made a post where you can find way more information about the plastic oceans and some ways we can help it from getting any worse - check that out right here. 

Watch this if you want to learn more about how bad plastic actually is and why we should refuse to use it.

What The Health - watch it on Netflix
This is about the effects of eating animal products - not only do they affect our bodies but they also affect the planet and the people on it and let's not forget the animals. This uncovers how money rules what is being recommended to people and what we get from eating animal products - and let me tell ya - it ain't good... The movie shows what happens when a (really) sick person taking medicine eat a plant based for two weeks - and the improvements are incredible! I love this quote from the movie: "You can't be strong and dying on the inside" - David Carter - so true.

Watch this if you want to discover what happens when you use food to heal instead of eating you sick and if you want to uncover what is actually behind what is recommended to eat.

These are the life changing movies I have watched lately and wanted to share with you so you could have the chance to change your life. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you soon. 


Veganism is pretty weird to some people. To me is it pretty weird not to be vegan. To me veganism is my lifestyle and my everyday 'normal' - but I have experienced some thing that made me stop and think wait what the heck, when did that happen? I have experienced so many changes since I made the switch to the vegan lifestyle and ditching the animals products. If you want to know the benefits I have experienced since going vegan then click here. Now let's get into the weird stuff that has happened since going vegan:

I have shared a post about life changes, I have made a second post about life changes, I have made a third post about life changes and now it is time for the fourth one with the last changes I have added to my life and how it has affected it.  Because that's why I call them life changes, they have the ability to form new habits to better areas of the way I live. Better in the sense of improving my mental health, my physical health and my overall well being. I think we all know how changes work so why don't I stop rambling and let's get into the life changes:

As some of you may know I create vegan recipe eBooks and my webshop is full of deliciously filled eBooks yet all of them was only in Danish. For the past year I have been working on translating and making the eBooks English so that I would be able to share them with you here. Finally this has happened and I am so excited to share my work with you! 
Along with my amazing mother I have created an eBook filled with over a 100 delicious vegan (and 100% Medical Medium) recipes that are easy to make and so indulgent and many other amazing adjectives. In this eBooks you will get both cooked and raw recipes including dinner, lunch, snacks and desserts. 

You can get the English version in cup or gram to make it easiest for you wherever you may live. The eBooks is about 15 USD / 13 euro / 12 pounds and you can get it right here: 

Movie Night - choose between Danish or English cup or English gram. 

This eBooks is: vegan, 100% Medical Medium go, gluten free, refined sugar free, has nut free alternatives yet it is 100% delicious! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave them down below. 

Why is it called 'Movie Night'? 
You might find yourself wondering why it is called what it is called. My mother and I wanted to create the perfect eBook for a night having guests over or.. for a movie night. An eBook where you could choose what was on the menu that is both easy to make and delicious. The eBook is also filled with quotes from movies or series so you can test your screen knowledge by seeing how many you know. 

This eBook includes: 
Green kale crème with crisp bread
Tomato soup with salted almonds and other toppings
Rösti burgers with ketchup, guacamole and tzaziki
Waffles with humus, curry pesto and avocado crème
Veggie fries with dipping sauce
Quinoa/cauliflower/sweet potato pizzas with various toppings
Red and white potato dishes 
Potato rolls
Veggie patties with and without coconut with cauliflower rice and waldorf salad
Hasselback potatoes with roasted cauliflower
Potato cubes with baked broccoli
Smashed potatoes with baked onions
Mashed potatoes with parsley, sautéed onions and baked cabbage
Zucchini noodles with bolognese or tomato sauce with nut cheese 
Red/white/green potato salads
Broccoli and raw tarts 
Different salads and dressings
A ton of spices 
Different kale chips 
Sweet waffles with nutella, marmalade and banana ice cream 
Chocolate mousse and sweet dips
Tarts with different crèmes
Rustic apple tart with almonds with a nut free version 
Different cakes
Caramel bars
Many different bliss bites as well as nut free bliss balls
Caramel cups 

When people hear minimalism they typically think no stuff at all, that minimalism is about throwing things away. And yes, that is definitely a part of minimalism, to reduce your things to having only what add value and happiness to your life but it is also about being more mindful with the purchases you make but also don't make. To put an end to the purchases made without thinking about it and really needing whatever item you buy. Minimalism saves me money and here is how:

1. I don't really want more stuff
To me, things that do not spark joy, do not add value or happiness are just clutter. When I finally broke the 'I'm bored' purchases, the purchases made that I definitely did not need I was able to experience how much I didn't want stuff. That, when it is not something I truly need, the items are simply just clutter taking up my energy. And that is also why you should get rid of the things you do not love.

And because I do not have a desire for more stuff I do not buy more and therefore I save money.

2. No impulse purchases
I think the biggest thing I save money on when I started to go into minimalism was impulse purchases. And more specifically by not making impulse purchases. Minimalism is also about being more mindful with your purchases and avoid getting into the marketing traps of thinking you save money or that you get a good deal when in fact in the long run you spend more. If you want my tips on how to avoid impulse purchases then click right here.

And because I do not make impulse purchases anymore I save money.

3. I question before buying
Before I buy anything I always, always ask the question; do I really need it? Actually, I ask several questions depending on what the item is but by asking questions, I stop up and think instead of just going to the checkout. Is this something I have been finding myself needing? If clothing: Do I want to wear it immediately? Is this something I have found myself to be missing? And the ultimate question; Does this add value to my life?

And because I question the items I think about buying I do not buy excess things and therefore I save money.

4. Good quality
Because minimalism goes hand in hand with sustainability (at least to me) I have started to look at the quality of clothing and other items when I am out looking. I look for good quality items that can hold longer. This does not necessarily mean the expensive items but just checking the quality before making the purchase. There are many ways to check the quality of clothing - I personally found this video really helpful. I look for items that are not with blended materials, items that are 100% cotton or linen - or when talking about furniture I look for wood.

And by buying quality items they last longer and therefore I save more money in the long run.

5. I only buy what I really need
Because I do not want more stuff I have been able to separate my wants from my needs. There has definitely been times, especially during the process from spender to minimalism, where I bought something I did not really need but really wanted. These items typically end up being thrown away because I do not want the excess stuff. Now, where the only reason is that I want it I do not buy it.

And by buying only what I need I save money.

These are some of the ways I save money because of minimalism. If you want to read about the many things I no longer buy then just click right here. Thank you so much for reading!


I had the honor of writing a guest post for Sara about healing with colors and I just wanted to share it with you here also. You can click here to read the original post on Sara's website with a lot of other cool posts. 

My story with colors started when I was very young. I have always loved colors around me, my childhood room was literally a rainbow and my favorite color changed constantly. As I grew older I learned that I could sense colors and their vibrations. I could feel and see colors that others couldn’t.

Have you ever thought about the fact that a lot of beauty products, personal care product, toiletry products, nail polish and makeup are tested on animals before the products make their way to the stores? And not only is almost everything in the 'beauty' category tested on animals but it is also a common thing for cleaning products and even things like pens, contact lenses, band aids, kleenex, sticky notes and even some toothpastes. It is absolutely ridiculous how much is tested on animals. This is a topic I have been reluctant to both research and talk about because I find it so cruel, horrible and so unnecessary (like with everything animal product).

So many people are able to find an item, if not multiple, in the back of their closet that was an impulse purchase either because we thought we needed it, because it was on sale or simply because we were bored (or feeling other feelings) and needed something to do, something to distract ourselves. Not only are impulse purchases a waste of money, they are also so wasteful in terms of resources and water. It is not cheap for the environment to make clothing so for the impulse purchase to end up in the back of your closet or as an item never worn at a landfill, is not ideal to anyone (well maybe to the store you purchased it from but since they are on the same planet as you they will also go down with the it.. so the money from your impulse purchase does not really matter...). Here are some ways to stop impulse buying:

I have always absolutely loved rice with curry dishes but since my stomach does not work well with rice I had to let it go, well so I thought. I went many months craving curry dishes and it wasn't until recently where it dawned on me that I could replace the rice with cauliflower rice. I gave it a go and it turned out incredibly delicious. Even better than regular rice if I may say so - or maybe it's because the cauliflower doesn't make my stomach hurt like the rice did. But let's get into how to make this amazing and super easy dish.

Hello there, I hope you are having a fantastic day. Now I'm not a yoga teacher but I am very interested in yoga and I absolutely love to learn so I wanted to combine it with something I also find very intriguing; chakras. More specifically how to use different yoga poses to balance your chakras. There are tons of poses to help each chakra, I have chosen the ones I like best and if you want to, make it a routine that goes through all of them - otherwise if you are out of balance with one or some of them, use these poses to gain alignment. If you have never heard of chakra before, we have 7 main chakras;

When I was younger I used to have the softest hair. Shiny, thick and healthy. Then as I went into the teenage years I started using all of these products on my hair and it was not happy. Slowly my scalp started to get more oily and my ends started to get dry, split and the opposite of soft. And because of that I started using hair products that were meant to make my hair happy but it just.. did nothing.. So I slowly started to minimize my use of hair products and my hair started to smile again. 

Going zero waste, or low waste for a more reachable term, is like any other lifestyle changes a process. Despite the fact that I would love to have absolutely no waste overnight it is no possible and there are still changes I want to make in the direction of lowering my waste and I discover new ways every single day. Because it does not happen overnight. There is nothing that happens overnight and that is where I think some of the lifestyle changes like minimalism, veganism and zero waste lose some people. Because of the exclusiveness, the name calling and the overall  'internet police'.

It is such a common thing today to struggle with the simple act of falling asleep. Many of us lay hours and hours awake trying to enter the state of sleep yet only manage to get more and more frustrated as it seems like an almost impossible thing to do. I have struggled with insomnia for many years and it is one of the most horrible and destructive struggles to have. Not getting enough sleep will ruin our energy, our concentration and our overall well being. Sleep is so important and since I have beaten the constant insomnia I wanted to share some of my tips for a better sleep and tips to fall asleep quicker.