There are many people who are more on social media that they are in the actual present of the world that is not seen through a screen. Social media is for many people, if not all, something that lowers the productivity because of the mindless scrolling for hours and hours. I myself have noticed that I am way more productive without my phone near me and logged out of all social media platforms. 

I have also experienced that I feel much better being less online and I am more in the present. Less to no comparisons, less negativity and I feel overall more aligned with myself and my surroundings. I have slowed down the constant fast pace of the online world and turned down the constant noise. I have more time for what I actually want to do instead of wasting it on social medias. 

Be in control of your use of social media instead of letting it control you. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are designed to keep you onto the platform making you lose focus and mindlessly scroll instead. 

I am not saying to totally quit it because it has it's perks but to simply be less on social media and more in the moment, the present of where you are which is hard when you are constantly bombarded. 

If you want to stop wasting time on social media then here are my tips: 

Turn off notifications
Turn off your notifications and you will not get a ding or a message on your screen every time you get a notification. This is typically what sucks a lot of people in, make them lose focus and jump back into the screen. You check the notification, go back to the home page and start scrolling again. This you will avoid when you turn off the notification messages. 

Remove apps from your phone
I have removed Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Goodreads, Pinterest and deleted my Snapchat account on my phone which has resulted in me being less on social media on my phone which has been so liberating. I am not constantly wondering what goes on in the online world but instead I focus on what brings me joy and the activities I like to spend my time on. 

Unfollow unhappiness 
Unfollow people who do not give value to your life, accounts that do not bring you positivity or anyone you do not have a reason to follow. Get rid of the ones that is supposed to give you motivation but instead just end up making you feel bad about yourself or what you are doing. If there are any account you feel unsure about, write them down and put the list away, unfollow them and in a month or two, if you have not thought about them then you do not need them. 

Put it away
In order for you to not reach for your phone the first thing in the morning, not to scroll at night before you go to sleep, making you lose sleep, turn off the wifi, put your phone away into a cabinet or a drawer so it is out of your reach. When you are working on your computer, log out of your social medias. Put it away and you will be less online. 

Check when you have a reason
Make it a habit to only check your phone when you have a reason. If you do not have a valid reason, then you do not get to check. Make a small list of some valid reasons to check your phone. It could be that you want to see if your friend has responded to your message or that you want to post something. If you find it hard then let someone else make your reasons.

If you want to mindlessly scroll, set a timer and when it rings, stop scrolling and get off your phone or computer. 

Have something else
Find an alternative thing you can do instead. When you start to quit the online world you will feel very restless and very tempted to go back on. To prevent that have an activity you can do instead. It can be anything, for example, I love to write, create delicious food, take photos, walk or read. Find something to do to keep you off social media. 

Going off social medias is breaking a habit. Breaking the constant desire to reach for your phone. It is hard a first but gradually you will feel more free from the online cycle and discover new things you love to do, things you want to try and be more present.

Thank you for reading! I hope to see you again.

I don't know about you but I have never liked the traditional bras with wires. They are so uncomfortable, hurts and leave red marks on my skin. So a couple of years ago I decided to ditch them for good and go for a more comfortable option; triangle bras and tops like these. They were super cheap at H&M and other fast fashion stores but not exactly ethical, so what then? 
Organic Basics has the most amazing basics including triangle bras that is, you guessed it organic but also ethical - You can learn more about them here and also get 15% off your first order. It is definitely the easiest to buy them but they are also super easy to make yourself. I just found a regular top with thin straps and cotton fabric at the thrift store and did this:  

Put on the top and mark where you would like your top to end. Add 1 cm seam allowance. Cut it.

Optional: Zigzag stitch the end to make sure it does not unravel. 

Turn the top inside out, fold up the end and pin it in place. 

Sew it with a straight stitch take out the pins and you are done.

If you find the top to be too loose or flowy then turn it inside out and draw a line going in towards the bottom of the top, sew it in place and cut off the excess. 

Thank you so much for reading 


Yes, you heard correctly. Vegan Nutella bliss bites. Not only are they incredibly indulgent they are also healthy, nutty and absolutely delicious. Enjoy them as treats to your next movie or as a snack on the go to boost your energy. When you taste these you will want all of them for yourself but these will definitely impress fellow humans if you choose to share. I will definitely be bringing these to the next movie night with my friends!

A couple of weeks ago I shared that I was taking an online course called 'Who Made My Clothes'. This course is all about the tools to finding out who is making your clothes and how the workers are treated. Do they earn a fair living wage? Are they working in safe environments? Be curious, find out and do something. I have learned so much from it and today we are going to talk about how you can achieve an ethical closet, so let's get into it.
I make changes in order for me to better my life and my routines to a more simple and mindful life. Today I am going to be talking about more of the changes I have made in my life over the past few months. If you want to read part one click right here and if you want to read part two then click here  for even more life changes. These following changes and the ones in past posts have made me happier, more mindful and more in touch with myself. So let's get into it and maybe you can add a couple or all of them to your own life?

Let's ignore the fact that the grass in my garden is having a very hard time in this heat because I have some very exciting news! I have become an ambassador for the company that raises awareness for the bees. In fact 10% (or more) of the profit goes to support, help and save the bees. Get your own ethically made T-shirt to help out and to spread the message right here! Not only do they have incredibly cool T-shirts, they also have bathing suits, hats, tank tops, crop tops, long sleeved shirts and tote bags.

Humans are so focused on everything going faster and faster and we always have to be stimulated. This clutters our minds, let our thoughts take over and pain grow in our body. Actually being grounded and just being is something very few people experience today because of the constant noise. Grounding to me is a feeling of home. Peaceful. A place where I would like to be all the time. Inner peace. In the moment and nowhere else. This post is very inspired by the 'The Power of Now' written by Eckhard Tolle. Hope you like it!

When in doubt about what you want to eat for dinner, bake some potatoes - It is always a winner, at least for me. Potatoes are so filling and incredibly easy to spice up and down with different dishes on the side. And if you make extra potatoes you have lunch for the next day - which is always great! 
If you want to get even more recipes then check out my eBook 'Movie Night' with over a 100 dinner and dessert, sweet and savory recipes. You can get the full eBook in Danish here or you can preorder the English version here and get three recipes already. But let's get into how to make the potatoes and a few suggestions on what you can eat them with: 

How to make the potatoes: 
Preheat the oven at 200 degree Celsius. Peel, cut, put them in a bowl, add 1-2 tbsp. melted coconut oil, your favorite spice and mix. Put on a baking sheet lined with baking paper, make sure they do not overlap or touch. Bake in the oven for 30 - 40 min. - but keep an eye on them. 

You can also make them without oil. When you want to add the spice lightly wet the potatoes to make the spice stick to the wedges. Otherwise make them how you normally would. 

1. Potato wedges and garlic mayo
Can it be easier than just potato wedges and some garlic mayo? I think not. Simple and classic. This is definitely the lazy 'I just wanna eat' option but with a good spice for the potatoes and a lot of garlic in the mayo it is always absolutely amazing. Click here to get the recipe for the amazing garlic mayo. For some extra veggies, add a salat on the side. 

The spice I have used for the potatoes here:

The Mediterranean sea spice:
3 tbsp. dried tarragon
3 tbsp. dried oregano
3 tbsp. tbsp. dill
3 tbsp. dried thyme
1 tbsp. dried rosemary
1 tbsp. garlic powder
1 tbsp. dried lemon zest in strips 

Crush the lemon zest. Mix the ingredients well and store in an airtight container in a dark cabinet.

Use 2 tbsp. of the mixture + 1 tsp. Himalaya salt per kg. potatoes.

2. Potatoes, baked veggies and garlic mayo
I recently shared this amazing onion/tomato/garlic veggie dish which you can find by clicking right here and it works so well with potatoes. And let's not forget about the incredible garlic mayo. Throw some garlic and paprika powder on to the potatoes to go with the veggie dish. If you want to, add a salat on the side for some extra veggies. 

The spice I have used for the potatoes here and the rest of the dishes:

Italian spice:
4 tbsp. dried basil
5 tbsp. dried oregano
2 tbsp. dried thyme
2 tbsp. dried marjoram
1 tbsp. garlic powder
1 tbsp. dried rosemary
½ tsp. dried sage
⅛ tsp. coriander powder

Mix the ingredients well and store in an airtight container in a dark cabinet.

Use 2 tbsp. of the mixture + 1 tsp. Himalaya salt per kg. potatoes.

3. Potatoes and baked onion
I have and always will love onions. Raw, baked, cooked, they are amazing with everything. Baked onion can be quite sweet so to balance it out choose a savory spice for the potatoes - again, add a salad for some extra veggies if you feel fancy. Not only are they delicious but they are also incredible easy to make: 

How to make the baked onions
Use as many onions as you would like. Peel and cut them into quarters. Put them in a bowl. Melt 1 tsp. coconut oil in the oven and pour over the bowl with the onion. Stir until every piece is coated. Pour the onion on to a baking sheet lined with baking paper and sprinkle on some salt. The onion must not overlap on the baking sheet. Bake with the potatoes at 200 degrees Celsius for about 30 - 40 min. 

4. Potatoes with baked broccoli and garlic mayo
I think I was one of the few kids who actually liked broccoli, correction; loved broccoli.  I still do and frequently add them to my dinner. Here they are with some potato wedges and some garlic mayo. You can choose to spice up the broccoli or just crop them up and throw them in the oven as they are - that's how I prefer them but you do you. Bake them, when they are frozen, for about 30 min. at 200 degree Celsius and you are good to go. 

5. Potato wedges, a salad and guacamole
What is a vegan food post without some avocado? I don't think it exists to be honest. Here I ate potatoes with a small salad and some guacamole which is so easy to make! All you need is 1 ripe avocado, 1 peeled garlic glove, a bit of lemon juice. 
You can either mash the avocado, press in the garlic with a garlic presser and mix in the lemon juice or you can blend everything into a smooth cremé and you are good to go. If you want to spice it up add some chopped onion for some texture and flavor. The salad, if you can even call it that, is just cucumber, spinach and a tomato. 

Which one do you want to try? 


I have been a member of Vegan Amino since September 2016 which means that I have been on the app for 1 year and 308 days. I have shared tons of recipes, asked questions, chatted with fellow vegans and engaged in other member's posts. 
This app is the social media for vegans or anyone who has an interest in the lifestyle. Now I know I talk a bit about minimizing the use of social media and I am planning on doing a guide to how you can be less on social media but if you are vegan, just starting your journey or the least interested in this lifestyle I would highly recommend you downloading this app. Why? Here's why: 

The app is free and you can find my profile by clicking right here: My vegan amino profile.

A community 
This app is an absolutely amazing place and I have yet to encounter negativity. Having a place like Vegan Amino where you can share your journey and learn from others is absolutely amazing and you will never feel alone. There are so many awesome people you can interact with, chat with and meet new people, maybe even make a couple of friends? I myself have met an awesome girl on the app which I have also collaborated with in the past.   

This app is wonderful if you need support. If you do not have any vegans around you this app will help you if you feel all alone. There are so many chats and conversations you can be a part of with like-minded people. Just the fact that there are so many vegans in one place is so helpful and supportive.

Find recipes and food inspiration
What is stopping a lot of people from eating a plant based diet is the fact that they do not think they have a lot of possibilities for meals. Let me tell you, this app is absolutely filled with the most delicious recipes. I myself share a lot so if you are in the need of easy vegan recipes then you definitely need to check out this app. What's your next meal you might wonder? Check out the app and you will find it in no time because of all the delicious recipes. 

Ask questions
If you have any questions about the vegan lifestyle, maybe you are not sure if something you are interested in is vegan or not or maybe you just have a general question about veganism, you can always ask questions and I guarantee you there is someone there with the answer. It is so great to see so many open conversations about the lifestyle and how people are helping other people. I myself have asked a couple of questions that have always been answered. 

Get the latest vegan news
People share so many great wins for the vegan community so if you want to know what and how much is actually happening in the world then download this app to stay updated. I absolutely love the news I get from the app which makes me even more grateful to be a part of the vegan movement. Seeing one country ban fur another banning animal testing is amazing + all the vegan products is amazing. So much is happening. 

New vegan products 
Have you tried this? There is a new vegan product at my supermarket. This new products is amazing and it is vegan! These are just some of the posts being shared with awesome new products in the stores. I know that I have probably used the word amazing a lot of times but it is just truly amazing to see so many amazing (lol) new products for vegans to try. If you are looking for vegan alternatives or new things to try then definitely check out this app. 

Organic Basics have been so kind to send me some of their products in exchange for an honest review. I also have a discount code for you guys so you can get 15% of your next purchase. 

As some of you may know I am very passionate about ethical fashion and one thing that I have been struggling to find is a place that sells ethical basics, like underwear, socks and basic T-shirts. I don't feel comfortable buying underwear at a thrift store but I would still like to buy them ethically. Then the company Organic Basics popped up on my Instagram feed and thank you for that! 

So who is Organic Basics
Organic basics is a company focusing on sustainability. They have basics both for women but also for men and if you want to save some money they have different packs with their products to choose from which I think is really cool.

Have you ever wondered if there is a way you can help the environment by just searching the web? Never had I before I learned about the wonderful Ecosia. Ecosia is a free search engine that helps plant trees all over the world. How cool is that? Every time you search you help plant a tree. You even have your own counter telling you how many trees you have contributed to planting. What I also love about Ecosia is that unlike other search engines they do not sell your personal data advertisers and have no third party trackers.

Coconut oil is an absolute wonder! It is antiviral and reduces inflammation in the body. You have probably seen it everywhere in cooking or baking but you may also heard about coconut oil being used for other things outside the kitchen. This is what I am going to talk about today. The one I have here is a bio organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil which can be found in some Lidl stores otherwise here is another great coconut oil from buywholefoods.: organic raw coconut oil. Let's get into the wonderful uses of coconut oil:

If you didn't already know I have published a vegan (n)ice cream eBook called 'Have A (N)ice Day' filled with amazingly delicious ice cream for only 15DKK which means under 3 USD! To celebrate (Call Me By Your Name and) summer and the new eBook I have decided to share a recipe from the eBook with you guys, perfect to enjoy in the hot weather. Learn more about the eBook below the recipe.