Coconut oil is an absolute wonder! It is antiviral and reduces inflammation in the body. You have probably seen it everywhere in cooking or baking but you may also heard about coconut oil being used for other things outside the kitchen. This is what I am going to talk about today. The one I have here is a bio organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil which can be found in some Lidl stores otherwise here is another great coconut oil from buywholefoods.: organic raw coconut oil. Let's get into the wonderful uses of coconut oil: 

Hair oil. If you find yourself having dry ends or frizzy hair put a tiny bit in your hands, rub them together to make it melt and run it through your ends. You can do it after showering or in the shower as a conditioner. Keep in mind that you do not need a lot for it to work - it can look oily if you use to much so be careful with it. I tend to use it when my hair is dry after combing through it. It is also a great hair mask, focus on the ends, leave it on for a couple of hours or overnight and rinse it out. 

Moisturizer. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for your legs, dry hands or anywhere else on the body. Coconut oil equals soft skin. It is absolutely amazing for dry areas as the elbows or heels. Before I go to bed I like to rub coconut oil on my feet and give then a light massage, put on some socks and then the next day they are super soft. 

Lip Balm. If you have trouble with dry lips, first off, are you drinking enough water? Dry lips is a sign of not drinking enough water. If you want the water to be hydrating spice it up with fruit or veggies. Here are some of my favorite ways to do so. But if you have problems with dry or chapped lips try coconut oil as a lip balm while drinking more water. 

Homemade deodorant. Coconut oil is great in deodorant - check out how I make mine here. I absolutely love this because it is natural and I can make it myself with few ingredients. It is great for people who are sensitive and doesn't do well with perfume or other unnatural ingredients. And it works so well. 

Body scrub. Mixing coconut oil and salt turns into a great scrub! Get rid of dead skin cells while getting super soft skin. If salt is too rough try mixing the oil with sugar. Melt the coconut oil and put in however much sugar/salt for your desired consistency, massage your skin and rinse off. 

Sun protection. Coconut oil can be used as a light sunscreen from UV rays. But keep in mind that it only blocks 20% where a normal sunscreen blocks 90%. 

Makeup remover. Just before I stopped using makeup I used coconut oil to remove my makeup which worked so great along with a cloth. Warm it up between your hands and gently rub your eyes or face to remove the makeup. Use a cloth if needed and afterwards wash off the excess oil. My skin was less irritated than with a normal remover so if you have sensitive skin you should definitely try it. 

Teeth. After I brush with my homemade toothpaste I like to brush them gently with coconut oil to strengthen my teeth. Spit it out in the trash and not in the sink because it can clog the drain. 

Oil pulling. Oil pulling is great for dental health, your breath, whitening teeth and overall cleaning your mouth. Put around a tablespoon in your mouth and swish it around for about 15-20 min. Spit it out in the trash. You can do activities like read, watch youtube/movies, be creative or even take a shower as you oil pull.

Have you heard about more ways to use coconut oil? 


If you didn't already know I have published a vegan (n)ice cream eBook called 'Have A (N)ice Day' filled with amazingly delicious ice cream for only 15DKK which means under 3 USD! To celebrate (Call Me By Your Name and) summer and the new eBook I have decided to share a recipe from the eBook with you guys, perfect to enjoy in the hot weather. Learn more about the eBook below the recipe. 

Ingredients for the apricot ice cream: 
- 6 fresh apricots 
- 4 frozen ripe bananas

Cut the apricots in half and remove the pit. Put them into the blender followed with the bananas cut into smaller pieces. Blend until you have a nice smooth ice cream. If you want the ice cream to be sweeter then you can always add a couple of dates. 

So easy to make but absolutely amazing. Enjoy!

About the eBook 'Have A (N)ice Day':

In the eBook there are tons of easy vegan ice cream recipes (including Nutella ice cream - so good!!) all without refined sugar or fancy ingredients + you do not need an ice cream machine, only a blender or food processor needed. Not only are there tons of ice cream recipes but there is also ice cream sandwiches, soft ice, chocolate to coat the ice cream or use as a sauce, fruit and caramel sauce and ice cream bowls + a nut free alternative.

Get a copy to get ready for the summer - Only 15DKK // 2,36USD 

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 

These are the answers to vegan related questions and statements I get whenever I am among other non vegan people. And let me tell you, I have been asked these things many times. I try to answer the best I can which you only get better at over time. Whenever someone asks me a question I don't have the answer for I research. So really, thank you for asking, haha (but can we stop with the protein already?)
I like to be informed (not that I know everything) so that I can answer whatever questions people have. Not that you have to answer but one of the things I also like about being vegan is the information and the research. Again, not that that is something you have to do.

If you want to know my tips for beginning your vegan journey just click right here. I also have post about some of the benefits I have experienced since going vegan, click here to see that.

The color of blueberries is absolutely stunning but as stunning as it might be it is also a nightmare to wash out of clothes or get the stain of a table if it has been there for a while. But I guess that just means that I should not spill it everywhere because I am not going to not eat blueberries. Blueberries are such a powerful bomb of amazing vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, C, K, calcium and magnesium. Oh, and let's not forget about the antioxidants. They are packed! So why not make a delicious smoothie? Easy, colorful and hella good!

I have talked about intuition before - check out how to listen to your intuition right here - But did you know that there isn’t just one way to be intuitive? I didn’t until recently. Therefore, I have asked Jessica from Jessica Ellen to tell us more about the different types of intuition and if you want to know what type of intuition you have then download here workbook right here and learn more about yourself - it is completely free. 

A couple of months ago I started going on small walks and over time they have become longer and longer. Now, every day after I wake up I go for a walk. What I love about it is that I get to listen and observe nature. I decide how fast or how slow I go while moving my body. Walking in silence is important because your head and your mind needs the time off the constant noise. Today we are constantly on the go with things we have to do, bombarded with opinions and advertisements everywhere, going on a meditative walk can help us slow down and calm our minds.

Have you ever asked 'who made my clothes?'

I am currently taking an online course called 'Who Made My Clothes' and you can too. Learn about the complete process of making clothing, the people behind the clothes you are wearing and learn how to figure out where the clothes you are buying come from. It is free and you have access it to it until July 29th so if it is something you are interested in sign up and get started. The course takes three weeks, though it is an online course so you can do it as fast as you want to.

Everyone can do something to prevent this planet from dying. Even if that one (or maybe a few) thing is something you feel like wouldn't do much of a difference, it can make a huge impact. You using a plastic toothbrush, maybe three to four toothbrushes a year, is not that big of a deal, right? Well, there are millions of people also using plastic toothbrushes ending up in our ocean and on beaches unable for nature to break down.

Garlic is one of the most amazing things ever.. well, along with avocados.. Garlic can spice up anything. Which is not surprising since it is literally a spice.. But what I mean is, adding a garlic dressing, a garlic mayo, garlic anything will make whatever you are eating better. I love dipping baked potato wedges or other baked veggies into the mayo, so good!
Not only does garlic taste amazing but it is amazing for the body loaded with vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, vitamin B6 and minerals like calcium, selenuim, iron and copper. Garlic is also great for the digestive system and to eliminate heavy metals from the body.
Picture from Kristen's Instagram: Check it out here

Have you ever thought about where the clothes you buy come from? Who made the clothes you are wearing? 

If you buy from brands like H&M, Zara and Topshop that is especially a question you should ask. Why? Because these companies use their workers and pay them very little to work in dangerous conditions. 
Have you ever thought about how clothes from fast fashion brands and super cheap online stores, like Wish, Zaful, Boohoo, Shein or Romwe, can be so cheap and 'affordable'? We don't think about it for even a second but it is something we should spread more information about and today I am going to talk about why.

When deciding to go make up free, there are a couple of ways to go about it. One would be slowly going down on each product until you are comfortable with a bare face. The other one is going cold turkey and ditching everything at once. If you want to go down on your use of makeup do whatever you feel comfortable with. 
Makeup is not the enemy, no, but it can be a burden to some, like me, but it can also be unhealthy for your well being if you see make up as something you have to wear. Maybe you worry about what others would think if you did not wear makeup?

If you need something to spice up your dinner then you have come to the right place! This recipe is absolutely delicious and can be added to any dinner + it is so easy to make and who doesn't love that?  This takes around 30 minutes to make and depending on how much you eat there is enough for about 2 people. 

2 large onions 
10 garlic gloves 
400 g tomatoes
1 tsp. cold pressed virgin coconut oil 

Method for the oven: 
Preheat the oven to 200 degree Celsius. Melt the coconut oil in the oven and set it aside. Peel the onions, cut them into cubes and place them in an ovenproof dish. Peel the garlic gloves, slice them (or put them in whole) and place them in the dish with the onion. Cube the tomato and place them in the dish as well. Pour the oil on to the veggies and mix well so all the veggies are coated. If desired, sprinkle on some spices and mix. Place the dish in the oven for about 30 min until the veggies are tender. 

Method for a sauté pan:
Cut the veggies into smaller pieces like above. Put water in the pan just covering the bottom of it. Let that boil and put in the onion and garlic. Turn it down to medium heat and roast until the onion are tender. If the water evaporates before the onion and garlic is tender just add more water. Add the tomatoes and roast the veggies until they turn golden brown.

I like to eat it with some baked potatoes and garlic mayo - recipe coming very soon. Here the baked veggies have been prepared in a sauté pan. Both ways are great, the oven method will be a bit more 'dry' and the pan method more mushy - if we have room in the oven we will do it that way because it is easier to just throw it in there and let it bake. 


Eggs are used almost everywhere in baking but that does not mean that you have to give up the baked goods when switching to a vegan/plant based diet. You can veganize any recipe! There are so many egg replacers out there all you have to keep in mind is some egg replacers works for binding the ingredients together and some work as a leavening agent making the recipe rise. If the egg is used to bring the ingredients together use a binding replacer, if it is used to make the recipe rise use a leavening agent replacer and if it is used for both use one of each replacer in your recipe.

I recently had my second 'veganniversary' on my 21st birthday, where I shared 21 things I have learned in 21 years so I have been vegan for quite a while now- If you want to know the benefits I have experienced click right here to read that post. But today I wanted to talk about some helpful tips for you who has just started your vegan journey, maybe you are interested in veganism or maybe you haven't fully transitioned yet. So let's get into it:

I have challenged myself to throw together an outfit that is completely thrifted. Which, to be honest is not that hard since my entire wardrobe it thrifted... But, I wanted to show how much cool clothes you can find at a thrift store and how easy it is to put an outfit together and have fun with it.
I am going to be putting together a summer outfit because, well it is summer here in Denmark and the outfit has to be under 15USD // 100DKK. Everything for this outfit has to be thrifted and newly bought for this challenge, with the exception of shoes because I am not going to buy new shoes, that would just be a waste because I don't need more than one pair.