Spicing up my water is without a doubt the the number one thing that makes me drink more water. There are so many ways to spice it up to make it more hydrating. I have talked about what happened when I switched from drinking water without something in it to when I decided to put some fruit/veggie/herb into it - If you want to learn more about how much I drink and some of my favorite ways to spice up my water then click right here
I have also just published a free eBook on this topic with way more information about the benefits I have experienced, way more suggestions on what to spice up your water with, how to drink more, signs of dehydration and so much more. Click here to get the book - more about it below.

A few weeks ago I shared a post about plastic in the oceans and how it is affecting the sea life. And by affecting the sea life I mean killing both the animals and the eco systems under the surface. Plastic dumped into the ocean breaks up into smaller pieces that become toxic poison pills (also called micro plastic) to the life under water and there is no way that the animals are not ingesting them because the oceans are literally filled with plastic! So in order for the fish and other animals not to die we need to remove it. Currently, because of the million tons of plastic dumped into the oceans every year millions of sea animals die from plastic in their system, because, well they are simply not build to digest it.

Complete silence is a very seldom concept in this day and age. Always thoughts in our minds, always music in our ears, always advertisements  in front of our eyes, always constant stimulation from left to right, always, always, always something covering the silence.  I have never really felt the power of silence until recently because I was in the mindset that silence was boring and I felt a constant need to be stimulated.
But what I have learned over the past few months, if not the past year, is that silence fills a void that cannot be filled with constant noise no matter how much we try. Silence has the power to bring us back to who we are, to observe the world and connect with our surroundings. Silence has the power to free us from our constant search of what we will never find outside ourselves even though we keep trying. Only in silence are we able to discover what we truly want and who we truly are.

I have been writing a journal ever since I learned how to write. I've been asked the question; 'how do you do it?' many times and I don't really know how to answer that. People make it sound like a burden, some kind of chore that has to be done but I just think that once it clicks it becomes your outlet for everything; emotions, feelings, experiences. A way to get everything out of your head. 
It is not a burden but more a form of therapy. It is where I go to let all of whatever is going on out. Put pen to paper in order to get whatever is going on out of my mind. To process what I go through, both good and bad. It should be fun and a way for you to express yourself and lock down memories.

One day I thought to myself that I wanted new towels because the ones I had were so washed and very rough on the skin which is not very pleasant. I did not want to buy new non-ethically made towels which by the way are also not organic and therefore filled with toxins so what then? The towels that are organic are expensive and I did not know if they were also ethically made and I wanted something that was more eco-friendly. 
Then I got the idea to use sheets cut in half. I wanted to try it out so I bought some at the thrift store to experiment with. You can use any cotton fabric you have or whatever you can find. I found two big white sheets at the thrift store and cut them in half and now I have 4 towels - so smart and incredibly cheap! It is so easy that calling it a DIY is a stretch but oh well... I absolutely love them. 

If you want to know more ways to be sustainable and live more naturally then check out my new eBook 'Personal Care' to make your own natural and simple personal care products. It is also filled with tons of tips and tricks for a sustainable life. Check it out here: Personal Care English or Personlig Pleje Dansk. 

But let's get into how I made the towels (even though I have already explained it, haha): 


A couple of months ago I shared this photo on Instagram with a little caption about my acne journey which is not something I have shared much about. I have been struggling with acne since 2011 and I have tried everything! Skin care for acne, gentle skin care and even medicine. The medicine helped for a while but it slowly came back. I have cried, I have been so frustrated and I felt so helpless.

A period is a pretty natural thing, if not one of the most natural things that happen to us and it is a thing a lot of people go through. What is not natural and a massive waste is the period products, like disposable tampons and pads that are the most commonly used. These products that are so commonly used are so hurtful not only to the environment because of the massive waste of plastic and materials but also to the user because, if not bought organically, the company does not by law have to state what kinds of toxins and ingredients that are in their products.

Let's talk about morning routines. Why should you have one you might think? Well, a routine is always a good idea because it wakes you up, it makes you more productive during the day and it can also help you raise your vibe + the morning is super important, it's is the start to the rest of your day, it should be good, amazing in fact. So I thought I would share my routine so you could get some inspo and create your own. A routine that wakes you up, creates an amazing energy and get's your body and mind ready for the day. Let's get started:

My new eBook 'Personal Care' is finally here!! Over the years I have collected recipes for a natural and sustainable personal care routine. With these recipes and some other tips and tricks I wanted to make a personal care eBook that was simple, easy to do, vegan and sustainable. I have been working hard on it for the past few months and I really hope it can help some of you out there to build your own natural care routine without chemicals and other toxic ingredients that are to find in today's products. With it's 66 pages this eBook is:

I did not hear the word veganism and what I meant before I was 15 when one of my mom's friends went vegan and my first thought was; why would anyone do that? Which is pretty funny because now I cannot think of one reason not to be vegan. But I thought about cheese and tuna and how I did not like the idea of giving that up.

I am so excited to announce another new eBook which is called 'Nut free' with 33 pages of absolutely incredible recipes that are completely nut free so it is perfect for you if you have any allergies or would like to avoid using nuts yet still make amazing desserts and snacks for the weekends or impress any guests you might have over. This eBook is:

I absolutely love Youtube. Not only for the entertainment (which is amazing) but also because of all the amazing and inspiring people on the platform. I have learned so much from the people I watch and there are so many great (vegan) channels and today I am going to talk about my absolute favorites. Channels with amazing recipes, education on various topics like ethical fashion, self development, how to help the planet and other life changing topics. Let's get into the awesome people with even more awesome content. Just click on their name to go to their channel:

Oracle card are a wonderful tool to guide you, heal you and strengthen your inner power. Oracle cards are cards of wisdom that helps you answer any questions you might have and cards to guide you if there is something or someone you need clarity on. They are divine energy of love and light useful if you are looking to find a meaning.