This book by Leah Reader, now Elliot Wake, is about an eighteen-year-old girl named Maise, whose life is not the easiest. An absent farther and a mother with a drug problem is not exactly the ideal family situation but Maise has a plan. A plan to get through high school, get into a great film school, get her mother into rehab and.. well to try not to screw it up. 
But before Maise starts school, she hooks up a man named Evan. A man who turns out to be her new film class teacher. Mr. Wilke. Her life just got a whole lot more complicated and are they able to stop whatever they are doing?

I have written a diary ever since I learned how to write and I absolutely love it! I have a basket full of old diaries. But that is not the only way I use notebooks and that's what today's post is about. There are so many ways you can fill out and use notebooks. And these are just the ways I use them. There are ton of other ways. Please let me know how you use notebooks and if you have other ideas in the comments. But let's get into it: 

If you want to have a room filled with plants and you are missing the pots then go thrifting because there are so many amazing, odd, cool pots for plants for no money. Well, not no money but they are really inexpensive. And some places they even sell plants in their pots, if that's not a win win then I don't know what is, haha. But seriously, before you go to a 'regular' store then check out thrift shops. There are so many different shapes and sizes and colors.

I have found a new love. Poetry. To be honest I have never really liked poetry because of what we read in school. Those poems were boring and they had such an 'old' vibe. But that has changes after reading Milk and Honey that blew me away. I didn't know that this kind of poetry was also poetry. Well.. some people would probably say that it isn't but I enjoy reading it. 
This is my poetry collection so far. And when I say so far I mean so far because I plan on getting more. Many, many, many more! Reading poetry has open a whole new world for me and I am forever grateful. But let's get into the poetry books I own:

My taste buds and the foods I crave have changed drastically after deciding to ditch meat, dairy and eggs. It is said that it only takes a few weeks for your taste to change which is not along time. I would take (organic!) dried apricots or dates over regular candy or sweets any day. But I thought it would be fun to share some changes in my taste of food since going vegan. So here are some of the things I started LOVING after going vegan. Never thought I'd say yum to dates yet here I am, haha..

A couple of weeks I shared how you could use a branch on your wall and I absolutely loved it. You can click right here to see how I combined my dream catcher, my moon phases DIY and my necklaces into one wall decoration with a branch. 
Here is a branch just with jewellery, both necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings and it looks so cool! Hang it on to the wall with some nails and you are good to go. Look for a branch that has more branches sticking out, if that makes sense.. and with some small knots to place the rings onto. But here are some pictures of how the jewellery is placed on the branch: 

I do not own any makeup. And I have not for a couple of months now. But before that I didn't wear it. The mascara, the eye shadow, the lipstick was lying in my drawer hidden in the dark. To be honest I didn't care about them. I learned that without makeup I grew more confident in my own skin and my skin thanked me for not irritating it. But here are some other reasons why I stopped wearing makeup. And why it is no longer lying in the dark. These are the reasons I have experience when I stopped wearing makeup:

17-year-old Lochan and 16-year-old Maya have done what so many other teenagers have. Fallen in love. They have fallen in love with each other, only there one big problem, a huge problem in fact; they are brother and sister. 
Having to take care of their three younger siblings because of a father who left and an alcoholic mother they had to grow up fast. And they had to stick together in their stressed lives. Taking care of school, their younger siblings and their own life. 
They know their relationship, what they feel, is wrong and are determined to stop. Yet they cannot stop feeling what they feel. Feeling what to them feels right. And one thing is for sure; there will be no happy ending. 

Oh my, this book.

I picked up this book because it was completely different from anything I have ever read. It is not really a topic you come across often in books. Anywhere really. I was curious to see how the story would progress, how they would fall in love and how it would end. Because how can such a love story end? Not happily, I would assume. 

It was such a weird feeling reading this because they did not have it easy and I wanted them to be okay, to be safe and not have to take on such a huge responsibility. But at the same time it felt so incredibly wrong. It was very strange being in their thoughts and feelings. It was so unrelatable. Yet so raw. These characters and their lives felt so real but with a love completely unreal. 

With that being said I would actually recommend it. It is a book you just have to keep reading until you hit the very last word. Very likable characters and I enjoyed the writing style. And with an ending that made me cry. And as said, unlike anything, at least, I have read before. 

But I have to say at some point, well more than once, it was hard to read. Very hard to read. If you want to know more about the book on Goodreads just click right here

One word that describes this book: Strange


First off I just want to say that the whole day does not have to be a bad day. You decide how you want the rest of the day to go and you have the ability to turn it around. You have to be willing to turn it around and know that it is possible. 
Here are some of the things I like to do when everything just goes to shit and I feel like I am having a bad day. These are the things I do if I feel darkness, anger or frustration. A day where nothing just seems to go right:

I have been drinking a smoothie every morning for the past many many months and I absolutely love it! So easy and quick to put together and drink. So what are so awesome about smoothies? Well, they are an awesome energy boost and the perfect way to start the day with fruits and veggies. 
As you can probably tell from these recipes my go to base is always 1 banana and 5-6 dates. But these two ingredients will be filling and add a natural sweetness you your smoothie. If you  want your smoothie less sweet use less dates. But lets get into the recipes and if you want a bonus recipe check out my go to morning smoothie recipe right here. These recipes will make around 1 L... well, depending on how much water you decide to put in it. 

A few posts ago I made a moon garland and even more posts ago I made a necklace display (I, since then, changes the flowers to brown beads which you can see right here) but one evening I got the idea, more like the vision, to combine the two with a branch and the throw in my dream catcher as well. With the dream catcher in the middle it would also work as the full moon.

This book is about a girl named Starr who lives in a poor and not so safe neighborhood with her family meanwhile she attends a very fancy suburban prep school making it hard to balance the two worlds. Those two worlds starts to shatter when she witnssses her childhood friend, Khalil, who was unarmed, get shot by a police officer. She is the only one who knows what really happened but what should she do when what she says and doesn't say could endanger her life? Did he get what he deserved as one of Starr's friends as school says? 

This is such an easy DIY to make which looks super cool but only needs a few materials. You can really get creative with this using many different colors and textures of yarn or ribbon. It would even look super cool to throw in some beads here and there. 
If you need a statement piece on your wall that is easy to make and really inexpensive then this is definitely the way to go. You can make it any size you want and it would look so cool to make it super duper big! So it almost hit the floor and is wide in length so it covers a big wall. 
This is also very easy to customize to any type of room design, if you are more into boho, romantic or want a more classic look. It all depends on the yarn. And as I always say, the thrift store is a good place to start looking for yarn that is super cheap. Now I'll stop with all the talking and start getting into how you can make this cool wall piece:

On the topic of changes I just wanted to mention the new name, Soluuna, which some of you will probably notice and some of the changes that will happen on this little corner of the internet. I will still be posting DIY's, recipes, lifestyle posts including minimalism, zero waste and veganism + thrifted treasures but I will also add books and spiritual posts into the mix. Hope to see you around but let's get into today's post:

If you want to find some old frames then check out thrift stores because that is where I have find all of mine. I am not sure if you can actually get these kind of frames new. But they are everywhere in thrift stores, at least here in Denmark. This is a DIY that is very easy to do but looks super cool and is amazing if you just have a few earrings.