Since I went vegan I have had a whole new appreciation for food and I am actually enjoying eating now. And I enjoy every single meal I eat because everything is just so good which is something I did not used to think before. I thought I would share some of my favorite things to eat so you can get some inspiration for your meals. Some of these meals are very similar and you might find one recurring food throughout the meals but that's simply because I love potatoes - they are easy to make, cheap and incredibly filling.

You can also check out what I eat in a day here

Oven baked sweet and regular potatoes with baked veggies
I love to mix sweet and regular potatoes and to make an easy base for my dinner. Just cut them into cubes and place in the oven on a baking sheet lined with baking paper for about 30 minutes at 200 degree Celsius. I don't remember the exact spice I used but you can never go wrong with a mixture of paprika, garlic - and onion powder.

In the oven baked veggies I have tomatoes, garlic and onion and you can find just how to make it right here. It is super easy and can spice up any meal. In the salad I have peas, tomatoes, spinach and other leafy greens.

Oven baked mashed potatoes
Potatoes in cubes, potatoes in slices, potatoes mashed, potatoes everywhere. Mashed potatoes baked in the oven is definitely one of my favorite ways to use potatoes. This can go with everything and anything and I could just eat it plain, maybe with some veggies on the side. You can find the recipe right here. You can definitely also leave out the garlic - and onion powder and just use plain salt.

Potato wraps
This is such a treat and absolutely worth the time it takes to make. You can eat these wraps with any kind of dressing or spread and add just the right veggies to make it the perfect wrap for you. I am going to post a recipe on how to make them soon so stay tuned for that.

In these wraps I had curry pesto (which you can find in Movie Night), oven baked broccoli (baked for about 20 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius), oven baked cauliflower (with a sprinkle of salt, baked for 30 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius), cucumber, tomato and red onion.

Oven baked potatoes with cheese sauce and oven baked veggies
Again, oven baked potatoes but this time it's with this cheese sauce that is definitely also one of my favorite things to make because it can spice up a lot of meals + it's super easy to make and it is SO good! I will have a recipe soon as I am doing another recipe week so stay tuned! The baked veggies are the same as the one above and you can find the recipe here. On the side I just have a mix of leafy greens.

Oven baked potatoes and broccoli, tomatoes and veggie fritters
Oven baked potatoes, again again, with oven baked broccoli, cubed tomatoes and veggie fritters which you can find in the eBook Movie Night - right here. You can make a big batch of fritters and then freeze the rest down to use whenever you want to spice up your meals. I love the combination of broccoli and tomatoes - the broccoli is made like above, baked for 20-25 minutes in the oven at 200 degree Celsius.

Oven baked sweet and regular potatoes with summer salad
I just wanted to mention this meal because, of course I like sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, but what I think is the star of this meal is the summer salad which I have a recipe for right here. It is so delicious and it makes a huge comeback for salads because this is the opposite of boring. Tip: if you do not have access to fresh peas you can definitely also use frozen peas.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this has given some inspiration to your own meals. I hope to see you again soon and don't forget to stay tuned for recipe week coming soon.

I have not used a plastic straw in several years now and it is definitely one of the easiest swaps to make in order to keep plastic straws out of the oceans and out of sea animals bodies saving them from a lot of pain. 1 billion plastic straws are used daily and they will most likely end up in the oceans polluting our water and hurting the animals under sea. There are also 8.2 billion plastic straws covering the coastlines of the world which is so unnecessary when the swab is so easy to make.

The same day I celebrate my birthday, I also celebrate my veganniversary. I have now been vegan for three years and that has brought a lot of lessons during the years as well as opening new doors for more growth, healing and compassion. It has been an incredible journey and I cannot wait to see what it will bring in the future. If you are interested in veganism then I would highly recommend checking out my beginner's guide with lots of tips for starting your own journey - part one and part two here.

Last year I started to observe what I spend my time on and how that made me feel. Did using social media benefit me? How about a post on Instagram that did not get any likes? What about the people I followed? Overall; what did social media do to me?

This started an experiment of questioning who I followed, why I even had the social media accounts I had and what I used the platforms for. All these answers led me to being significantly less on my phone and spending less time on my social media accounts on my computer allowing me to focus on work and writing - it even led me to delete several social media accounts. Simply because I started being aware of how I was affected.

As we grow older we learn new things either about ourselves, the world or life itself. It is impossible to go a life without learning. Learning is everywhere. The lessons we learn can be big, life changing, small or lifesaving but some lessons can also be; 'okay, cool, next'. And what you learned years ago may not be exactly the way you thought they were. Yesterday was my 22nd birthday and therefore I bring you some new lessons from the past year to keep the series going. Watch part one and part two here. 

I absolutely LOVE snacks and I make sure to do a lot of snacking during the day to not go down on glucose which is what fuels our brain and body. Not only are these snacks great when you are in the need of some energy but they are also amazing as treats for whenever you feel like it. They are packed with amazing benefits and you do not have to be careful of how much of it you eat.

I started questioning why I spend so much time removing something so natural. Surely if we weren't supposed to have hair on our legs, or anywhere for that matter, it would not be there in the first place? 

So why do we spend so much money, energy and time doing so? And more importantly; why did I do it? I started removing my leg hair pretty early because I had long, dark hairs and I felt ashamed. I felt like there was something wrong with me when I had hair on my legs. It was engraved in me and my mental state was literally that if I did not have smooth legs then I would not be the perfect woman - and I felt it was my mission to be exactly that. To do everything in my power to be a 'real woman'.

When helping the planet and lowering our impact there are a lot of small things we can do. Because even the smallest change can help. We do not need a small portion of people doing the low waste lifestyle perfectly, we need a lot of people doing what they can. It is not possible to live completely without waste however it is possible to lower your impact on the planet as much as possible in the given situation that we are in. And there is always something we can do.

So, let's get into some of the absolute core basics when it comes to what we can do to help the planet and lower our impact:

Are the clothes 'dirty'?
Don't throw your clothes into the wash after wearing it once when it is clean. Does it have a stain? Does it smell? If the answer to those are no then save the wash and put it back into your closet. This is something that is so common which I do not really understand; that people throw things into the wash after wearing it for a day without the clothing needing it. There is absolutely no need to wash your clothing if it is clean - wait until it is actually 'dirty' and save the planet a lot of water, energy and unsustainable detergents if you use that.

Turn off the water
This is also a really simple thing change that a lot of people tend to do; letting the water run while you brush your teeth or while you shampoo your hair and body. Especially while brushing your teeth, there is absolutely no reason to keep the water running and it is so wasteful. Turn off the water when you are not using it to save, of course, water but also money.

Turn the lights off when you leave a room
The other day I noticed that once we have had dinner and is done in the kitchen we still leave the lights on until we go to bed. Why is it we keep the lights on? It is just a habit and it is easy to enter the kitchen when it starts to get dark. But there is really not much effort in turning on the lights when we enter a room and turning them off again when we leave the room. Not only will you save energy and resources but you will also save money when it comes to the bills.

Check the thrift store first
When you find yourself needing something, instead of going straight to a store and find the item new, try to look at your local thrift store to see if they have it. There has been so many times in my transition period towards only buying second hand where I thought I would just look at the thrift store just in case they had something and I could avoid a new item and they almost always had what I needed. You can save a lot of money and a lot of resources if you just check the thrift store first. Of course you will not always find what you are looking for but it is definitely worth a try.

Bring a container for left overs
When you go out to eat and if you do not tend to finish your meal then bring your own container to carry the leftovers home instead of the styrofoam and plastic bag restaurants use for take away that is so incredibly wasteful. If you also like to drink with a straw, bring a reusable straw with you so you can save the earth from even more plastic. 

There are so many different vegan possibilities out there to replace cheese which is absolutely wonderful! One of them is this super creamy almond cream cheese that is easy to alter to your preference. This is a perfect spread to use on bread, in sandwiches or wherever you want to use it. This would also be great to place on a vegan cheese platter with bread and crackers. Instead of chives you can also add dill and other fresh herbs like thyme, basil and oregano. 

Some of you may know that I follow the Medical Medium protocol. It is not something I talk about here but it is something I want to open up and share more about because it has changed my life drastically - for the better. A thing Anthony (The man behind Medical Medium) continuously shares a lot about is celery juice and its healing powers.
As mentioned, I have been following the Medical Medium protocol for over a year now but I have only been drinking celery juice since November last year and despite the fact that it is not the most appetizing flavor in the world my body is literally craving it and the benefits are incredible and life changing!

When going into a low waste lifestyle it can be overwhelming coming from a 'standard' lifestyle of waste. Where should one start? Plastic and other waste sources are everywhere and once you start diving into the alternatives and swaps you can make, it is understandable of you to look at all the things and think 'nope, that's too much' and back out. But you do not have to be all in and aim to be 100 per cent 'zero waste' (which is impossible) for you to make a positive change. No matter what your situation is there is almost always something you can do to help the planet.

Today, there are so many incredible and educational videos out there about the topic of veganism with so many reasons why to go vegan. That is one thing I love about the internet; how we are able to share. If it was not for the internet I don't think that I would be vegan today. I know that I can't say for sure but what led me to veganism was hearing the word (learn more about my journey to veganism here) and researching what exactly it was on the internet which led me to the first speech I will talk about below. 

I try my best to be in the moment and observe instead of going into the ego and fear based mind-set where anxiety and worries are created. But sometimes I do find myself in situations where I feel uncomfortable, anxious or worried, I am after all, still learning. By letting go of the ego with the negative patterns, my anxiety and overall worries have started to decrease both in times that they occur and how strong they are. But for the times when I still feel something destructive I have a couple of ways to calm myself and to return to the power of now, to the silence and to myself:

Whenever you are anxious, stressed or worried you are not grounded. Check out my post where I share how I get grounded.

1. Breathing, in and out:
This sounds incredibly simple and probably an advice you find everywhere when you look for calming things to do but it works. When you find yourself in a stressful situation have you ever noticed how it affects your breathing? Whenever I am stressed I actually hold my breath. And that does nothing to help the situation because my body needs air. This is definitely the first thing to do once you find yourself in an anxious situation. Breathe.

2. Observe
This is a simple thing you can do if you feel anxious, worried or nervous. I did this before my exam one year and it really helped. The thing you do is to just observe. Look around you and start saying what you see, say nothing other than the object and/or their color. "I see a tree, it is green and brown. I see a house, it is yellow. I see a lamp, I see a chair" Keep observing what you see and state it out loud (or whisper if there are other people near you). This will take your mind out of the destructive pattern and thoughts of getting yourself more and more anxious/worried/nervous and into the moment and yourself.

3. Tapping
An incredible woman once told me as we were talking about my anxiety that I could tap on the outside of my hand which sends calming signals to the rest of my body. And it works, it instantly relaxes my shoulders and sends a calming sensation through my stomach. Tap on both sides, once after the other for a couple of minutes and feel the relief.
This is a good one when I am out with other people, in a public setting but I also love using it when I am about to go to sleep laying in my bed because it calms me down. This tips has also helped me in exam situations where I get overwhelmed. See the picture above for where to tap.

4. Meditation
Meditation is nothing other than bringing your awareness to the present. When you are anxious, worried or scared you are the exact opposite of present. When my mind starts to spin and I feel like it is impossible to get out of the downward going spiral I close my eyes and bring my awareness to the present. Focus on my stomach going in an out and how every single cell in my body is vibrating with life. Meditation takes me out of my mind and into the Being. I use meditation to prevent stress and anxiety and in situations where I feel the spiral starting.

5. (Instrumental) Music
Whenever stress or anxiety takes over it means that the mind, your inner roommate, is in control. The thoughts roll and they seem impossible to let go of. If you find it hard to focus on your breathing, try listening to calming music. I can really recommend Enya who makes the most amazingly calming music where she sings. You can also find incredible instrumental music - there are tons of it on youtube. Focus on the music and it will bring you out of the spinning mind.  To make it even stronger take the music with you on a walk in nature to really get grounded. 

These are the things helping me whenever I feel overwhelmed by pressure, anxiety or worry. I do not only do these things whenever I feel overwhelmed but I also like to practice these tips in my everyday life to prevent the mind from taking over. Thank you so much for reading and let me know what calms you in the comments below.