How To: Clear Your Clutter

So, I was not good at throwing things out. Like REALLY throwing things out and clearing my clutter. I have always had a lot of stuff and my shelves have always been filled with things. Things I don't need. Especially when I go thrift shopping I always end up with a lot of stuff I just bought because.. maybe I will use it for something or be creative with it. This post is very inspired by Karen Kingston's 'Clear Your Clutter' book. Read it and it will change your life.. well maybe.. It changed mine.
So, here's what happened:
One day I saw this book called 'Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui' by Karen Kingston at a thrift store and I knew I needed it. I have always had these clearing flips where I toss out some things. But nowhere near the flip I had after I read this book. 
 I started reading this book and was finished an hour and a half later and I needed to start clearing everything. EVERYTHING. It took me 5 hours and there I was in the middle of the night while everyone was sleeping, tossing out every single things I 'just had lying around because why not'. My floor was literally covered with decor stuff, clothes and books and everything. (I wish I had a picture but it was just crazy)
I wasn't finished until 4 in the morning. It just needed to be done and I went through everything. Even my photo album. Yes, even my freaking photo album. Go through everything!

But Cami.. What is mess exactly? Well, in the book it says that mess is 4 things:

1. Things you do not use or care about

2. Things that are broken and in some kind of a disorder

3. Too many things on too little space

4. Everything unfinished

Throwing out - What to do:
Start clearing out your room. Go through everything. Books, clothes, papers, notebooks, furniture, decor. Everything! - But a tip is to go through it category by category - that will make it easier.
Take everything out of its normal space and ask yourself: Does this spark joy? Does it have a function? whether it being something you use or something that makes you happy and inspires you.
If the answer to that question is yes then put it in the keep pile. If it is a no then put it in the donate/sell pile (if it is ruined then toss it)
When you are clearing out and you have a doubt about whether or not you should throw it out then do it because that shows that you don't love it. You should love the things you own. The things you own should represent you and what you love. Here it would be a brilliant idea to play the song 'Let it go' from Frozen, haha.

You can also make a maybe pile where you put the things you don't know whether to keep or toss. Put it in a bag and keep it somewhere you don't see it. Wait a month or three and if you haven't needed anything in that bag and totally forgot about it then out it goes.

'What if'
It is a thought all of us have when we go through our stuff. 'What if I need it in the future?' and then you end up keeping it. When I have the 'what if' thought and I throw it out I have NEVER needed it. 
Ever. Because as soon as it is out of the door it is forgotten. Because if you needed it you would have used it. The 'what if' is a fear of losing. A fear of making a mistake and clearing out can lead to a confrontation with emotions, things you have to consider and taking decisions which pretty much all of us try to avoid. 

I hope you found this post helpful and check out the book 'Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui' by Karen Kingston. I will be back in the future with an update, even more tips on throwing out and what has changes afterwards + tips for not just start buying random stuff again.