How To: Destress

We all have periods in our lives where we feel so stressed and there are a lot of things we want to do and it is like there is no time to do it. Some have more of those periods than others. When we don't have time to relax is actually the time where we should relax. Did that make any sense at all? Well, I guess is means: relax when you do not have the time for it. Here are my best tips to destressing:
Yoga is my main exercise and since starting yoga I feel more at peace. I am going to do a post about yoga and how I practice it so stay tuned for that. But I like using yoga as a break from the everyday life, you get your blood flowing and it clears my mind.

A journal helps to get all your thoughts out of your head and it helps you process things, situations and feelings. It can be very relaxing and a good way to figure out what you want. Journaling also helps seeing you process and how far you have come. I (also) use my journal for random thoughts, ideas, scribbles and sometimes also dreams.

Well yeah of course you should breathe but..I often find my self holding my breathe and not really breathing for a while which is like not the greatest thing to do in a stressed period.. or ever really. If you are feeling stressed, have a lot to do or just need a break think about your breathing for a couple of minutes and take deep breaths. This especially helps when you cannot sleep and there are a lot of thoughts in your head because you focus on your breath not the thoughts.

Do something you love
If you do something you love then all worries, all stress and all the bad feelings just fly away. If you do something you love you become happy. A genuin happy feeling from the inside. It can be anything from reading, talking to a friend or any hobbies you have. 

When I am really really stressed and it is just a day where everything goes wrong and I just need a break I walk. Walking is amazing because you kind of refresh yourself if that makes sense. I would like to walk more often than I  do because the fresh air is so giving. 

Just as walking, nature is so giving. It has magical powers to make you feel relaxed and cleanses you from the inside. Combine nature and walk and take a walk in the beautiful nature around you. Actually as I am writing this, I am going to take a walk. Right now. So see ya later.