Project Productless

So, I have a goal which is to become productless. And by that I mean not use or buy any products such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste or anything like that. I want a natural cruelty free beauty routine without bad chemicals, perfume and all that nasty stuff, haha. Why? Because I want to. I want to not use all those products with ingredients that doesn't want the best for my body. It is kind of like a body detoxing and becoming more natural. It is better for the environment, you save money and it is just so much more simple + it's cruelty free.

So here is an overview of what I use and for what I use it for

Shampoo: Rhassoul clay - There will be a post about how and why I use this + the the benefits of using this instead of a regular shampoo.

Face (mask) and body cleanser: Rhassoul clay - I also use this as a facemask and a body scrub which it is amazing for! It works wonders and my sensitive skin has never been softer!

Conditioner: Apple cider vinegar mixed with water - I have already made a post about using apple cider vinegar as conditioner and let me tell you; my hair has never ever been softer after using this. See how right here

Coconut oil can be used for many many things and here is just a few things I use it for: 

Hair oil: Just rub a bit between your hands and run it through the ends of your hair.

Body moisturizer: Makes my body super soft! Just use a tiny bit.

Make up remover: I gently rub it on my eyes to remove my mascara and then remove the excess with a cotton pad.

Shaving cream: Again using a tiny bit on your legs and then shave as you normally would.

Toothpaste: I sometimes use coconut oil as toothpaste (sometimes I use a homemade toothpaste which I will post about soon) - But I also use this for oil pulling.

Deodorant: I make my own deodorant and just click here to see how. Another thing where I use coconut oil.

Homemade saltwater spray - If I feel like styling my hair I will use this DIY salt water spray. All you have to do is desolve some salt in some water. The more salt the 'saltier' it will look. I like to use 2-3 dl water to 1 tbsp salt. Perfect for the natural salty look.

Homemade dry shampoo - I have made dry shampoo once before but I find that using arrowroot powder instead of flour works much better and gives a much lighter and cleaner feel. I just use as much cacao powder as needed for the desired color. 

The only product I use is a cream called Traumeel which is made from natural ingredients and is homeopathic. I use it as a face cream, for my lips and sometimes for my body.