Benefits of Rhassoul 'Shampoo'

I haven't used shampoo since november 2016. Instead I have been using rhassoul clay. And here I'll be sharing how and why. If you haven't seen it already, I made a post about wanting a productfree beautyroutine and if you want to see what I use instead of products then just click right here.
How do you use it? 
Take a couple of tablespoons of the clay and put it in a bowl. Then pour water so it covers the clay. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and it is ready for use. There is no 'right' consistency - you can make it however thick or thin you want. I like it to be in between. Neither too thick nor too thin Wet your hair and then take some clay in your hands and distribute it through the hair, massaging like you would with shampoo. Let it sit for a couple of seconds, rinse it out and you are good to go!

Note: You will have a phase after starting to use rhassoul where you will have super bad hairdays. It will almost become more oily and feel more dirty than before but that is just because your hair and scalp have to get used to the clay and cleaning and taking care of itself.

Important: The clay must not come in contact with metal (like spoons and such) because if it does a cemical reaction will happen and many of the good qualities of rhassoul will be neutralized. Use glass or plastic utensils to store and mix the clay. 

What are the benefits?

Cleaner hair - there are no chemicals and you will just have an overall feel of cleaner hair.

No frizz - I have always had a problem with super frizzy hair and I have tried oils and no sulfate shampoos but nothing has worked as good as rhassoul. It is almost frizz-free which is awesome!

Softer hair - If you want the softest hair then this is what to use. My hair has never been this soft (mostly also because I use apple cider vinegar as a conditioner)

Less oily - I have always had oily hair. It would be oily the day after I showered. Not fun. But after using this for a couple of months my hair has gotten used to cleaning itself and that has really helped with the oiliness!

No need for products - Since starting a productfree beautyroutine I have obviously not used any hair products and I haven't had the need to. There is more structure and it is easier to style. 

More volume - Soo much more volume!

Thicker - My hair feels so much thicker (and healthier) and that may be because of the lack of chemicals and products since only using this clay. + As mentioned before there is way more structure which makes it easier to works with.

Tip: Make a little bit more of the clay than just to use as shampoo and use the rest as a face (and body) cleanser. Let it sit on your skin for a couple of minutes and rinse it off while massaging your skin.