Recipe: Gluten Free Buns

I am a huge fan of bread! Bread is easy and you've got food in no time. Who doesn't love that? Well, a thing I don't really like about bread is gluten. Not a big fan of that. Why you might ask? Because it causes bloating, mucus and it makes me tired. So, yeah I really want to avoid it. But what do you do when you still love bread? Well, you make bread. Just glutenfree. And these are yum! So here is how you make them:

You need: 
100g rice flour
50g buckwheat flour
50g millet flour
30g sesame seeds or sunflower seeds
30g chia seeds
A pinch of salt
10-15g fresh yeast
2 tbsp fiberHUSK
4 ½ lukewarm water

Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl. Mix the yeast with the water until it is dissolved. Then add the yeast and water to the dry ingredients and stir the mixture well (use a mixer to really mix it togeter and make them rise a bit more). Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes to let the fuberHUSK work its magic. 
Form them into buns and place then on a baking sheet with some baking paper. Use a spoon to make it easier. Then put then in the ovn at 200 degree Celsius for 35-40 minutes.