5 Life Changes

Like Miley Cyrus sings in her new song Younger Now 'Change is a thing you can count on', change is a big part of our lives. It is impossible not to experience any changes. These are just changes I have taken into my own hands. Why you might ask? Because I want to. 'I really didn't ask but ok..' Well sorry, you got the answer anyway..

1. Social Media Backdown
It is a habit. Without even thinking about it I reach for my phone. I find myself scrolling and scrolling and scrolling without getting anywhere. Hours suddently gone - that's a thing I want to change. Look up into the world instead of down at my phone.

More specifically:
Deleted Snapchat
- I'm not really a fan of the app so why have it? If I want to contact my friends I can write a message on messenger. To me it's a big waste of time and I have never had that feeling of 'oh I need to snapchat this' because why?

Deleted the Facobook app from my phone
- I don't see any reasons to have it on my phone at all. I don't really use Facebook other than to engage and chat with my friends. Also, I could actually see myself deleting my Facebook completely sometime in the future.

Turn off the notifications on all apps
- I don't want to have any notifications at all. It is so easy to keep scrolling after you got a notification of someone liking one of your Instagram pictures and that's the thing I want to change. To stop the mindless never ending scrolling. By turning of notification I myself choose when I go check an app. And I check it if I have a purpose.

I have also deleted Pinterst, Goodreads, Tumblr and Youtube from my phone.

I have also unfollowed all the accounts that does not.. make me happy, add something to my life and accounts that does not inspire me.

What have I gained by doing this? Freedom. I feel liberated. I have more time to do things I want to do and that makes me very happy. I could see myself deleting more social media accounts in the future because it's amazing how free you feel. You should try it. 

2. Use tote bags
I bring tote bags with me everywhere. They are easy to throw in a bag, ready for when you need them. And as I have said before, way cuter that plastic bags because you can make your own design and do I have to mention that they are so much better for the environment? Stop buying plastic bags and make it a habit to bring these every time you shop. I like to bring a bunch in my favorite tote bag.

3. Walk (with my camera)
I never thought I would say this but I actually love walking. Sometimes with music in my ears and sometimes I just like the silence and listening to birds. Just a small walk can do wonders for your mood, your health and your motivation. A walk is also absolutely fantastic to clear your mind. Sometimes I also like to bring my camera to capture the beauty of nature

4. Be more in the moment
Stop worrying about the future! Everything will be okay. Focus on the now. What do I want to do right now? What is my body craving right now? What is my heart telling me right now? These are questions I ask myself and they have helped me alot as to figuring out what I want. And by turning down the social media I have been able to listen more to myself. A book I would recommend if you want to practice the moment is 'The power of now' by Eckhart Tolle. 

5. Gone into minimalism
I started clearing my clutter and since then I've also become more conscious of what I buy. Asking questions about if the item I am thinking about buying is something I need and something that can bring joy. If not, then it doesn't get to go home with me. Minimalism is something that has made me happier and I have saved a lot of money + there is way less clutter in my physical space with also means less clutter in my mental state. 

What kind changes would you like to make? 

Soluuna ♡