DIY Flower Neckline

Hey everyone! Welcome back or welcome if you haven't been here before. This is the first post I am posting with the new layout which is so exciting! I hope you love it as much as I do! That's also the reason why I haven't posted in a while. I wanted to wait until it was (almost - I just can't help myself) done, I have missed not posting. 
This is super easy to do once you get the hang of how to sew it. You can use glue but I think you have better control with the needle which will give it a better finish. But it is super easy to attach. It's just a basic hand stitch - A running stitch: 
Cut a piece of thread. Tie a knot or two at the end. Put the other end through the needle. Place the flower trim on the collar and go through the layers with the needle from the back. Go back down. 
Now put the tip of the needle through the layers and then back down (like you would with a safety pin), pull the needle through the loop that it's creating (under the thread). 
Repeat a couple of times and now just go up and down attaching the trim to the neckline. Finish off by doing the same 'safety pin'/loop method (which I believe in a more fancy way is called an anchor stitch) a couple of times and cut off the excess.