(My) Benefits Of Being Vegan

As some of you know I am vegan and have been avoiding animal products for a very long time now. And other than being vegan I also avoid gluten and refined sugar. And in general just overly processed foods. But this is about the changes I have been feeling and seeing since ditching the meat, dairy and eggs  (and honey) so let's get into it:

My hair grows faster and I have stronger nails
Before I went vegan my hair was very thin and my nails would breaks very easily. Since going vegan my hair and nails have only gotten stronger. Especially when adding more veggies and fruit in to my diet.

I have a clearer skin and less breakouts
I have for many years suffered from acne. Going vegan and again, eating more fruit and veggies has helped a lot. I still get some breakouts when I'm on my period, when I'm a bit stressed or have eated processed foods but they go away a lot faster than before. But I am so happy with my skin. 

I have a better digestion
I just feel good. I am not bloated and I don't have this heavy feeling inside that I would have before. Goind vegan definitely helped me feeling cleaner on the inside if that makes sense. Again lots and lots of fruits and veggies in my everyday food. You will not understand this unless you have tried it. I will never go back.

I have way more energy
When I feel great, I have more energy. There is really not much to say other than that I have a lot more energy. I. Just. Feel. Great. Fruit is easy glucose and the brain is fueled by glucose. So therefore when I eat lots of fruit I have tons of energy 

I have a clearer mind
As said before I have a clearer feeling inside. That also means a clearer mind. I am not foggy and I have waaaay less headaches than before. If I even have any.. maybe only the times where I am very stressed or when I am on my period.

I am happier
I have fallen in love with food and the best times of the day is when I am going to eat. Going vegan and eating a plant based diet is the best decision I have ever made and I am incredibly happy. Eating makes me happy.

No guilt. No need for 'cheat' days
Of course you can live an unhealthy diet when going vegan. There are vegan donuts, cakes and processed foods. But living on a vegan, whole foods diet with lots of fruits and veggies means that I can eat and eat and that there is no need for cheat days. No restriction of calories and carbs means no need for binging on foods you would like to avoid.

If you are interested in veganism then I would highly recommend getting the app Vegan Amino, it is absolutely amazing and filled with vegan recipes. It's just like a bomb of vegan inspiration. You can check out my profile right here

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments down below.