Recipe: Raw Ketchup

I have always been a huge fan of ketchup. It is at the top of my list but it's not the best thing ever because hummus and guacamole is just.. another level. But ketchup is amazing! I would like to avoid the sugar. This recipe is super easy to make and I think it's actually better than the regular because this has an amazing fresh taste.

You will need:
3 big tomatoes 
A small handful of soaked sundried tomatoes (overnight or a couple of hours)
3 fresh pitted dates
Fresh basil (to desired taste)
Fresh oregano (to desired taste)
A couple of slices red onion 

To do:
All you do is blend up all the ingredients and add the spices to desired taste. Start off with a bit and then add more and more until you have the taste you want. Store it in the fridge for 4-5 days. You can also freeze it and then take it up when you need it