10 Things to Get Rid of Before 2018

Why would you ever want to save something you don't use? I get it. The 'what if' creeps up on you are leaves you with a fear of making a mistake. Let me tell you something. If you have the 'what if' thought about something then you aren't going to need it in the future. Because if you were going to need it you wouldn't be considering throwing it out. As simple as that. Here are 10 things to get rid of before the new year. And remember to donate everything that's not broken.
1. Old make up
Make up, like almost anything else, expires. Having too old make up is cluttering and definitely not nice for your face. Get rid of anything that's too old, smells bad or just generally looks.. not good. Then you have the space to find something new you would love or minimize your collection. Because who really use and needs 14 bronzers and 21 mascaras?

2. Clothes that doesn't fit 
Do you have clothes hanging on the hanger that's maybe a bit too bit or a bit too small? It is time to let them go and let others enjoy them. If you have something small that you need to work out a ton before you can get into it then fold it together, put it in a bag and give it to a thrift store. That piece of clothing is just going to remind you - which in some cases can be a good motivation, yes, but also stress and it is going to be a symbol of bad feelings you will get everytime you see it. Let it go and fill yourself with loving feelings.

3. Jewellery you don't wear
I recently went over my jewellery to see if there was anything I haven't used for a long time and there was. So off to the thrift store they go so others can enjoy them. Why have them hanging around if you don't use them. Even the smallest things are clutter that takes up your energy. 

4. Apps you don't use
Some people have a lot of apps on their phones. And to be honest I don't get it. All I have is my clue app, Instagram and Vegan Amino. Why do you have so many? What do you use them for? Do you use all of them? It is time to get rid of those apps that's just.. there, never opened. 

5. Decor pieces you don't love anymore
Whenever I have a decor piece that I don't want anymore I tend to put it away if ever I want to display it again. Becuase 'what if?' But the truth is I never do and I forget about them. So why not throw out any decor pieces that may be at the back of your closet and your mind before 2018 starts. Get rid of any decor you don't absolutely love. 

6. Any gifts you don't want
Throwing out gifts you have recieved but you don't really like can be hard. You don't want to seem ungrateful. But you shouldn't feel guilty for letting go of any gifts you may have recieved because the person who gifted you the item wouldn't have wanted to give you clutter. Instead donate it and let it give joy to others. It's yours now, you can do whatever you want with it. Don't feel obligated to keep something just to keep another person happy.

7. Saved dokuments you don't read or use
I used to save all my old dokuments from school but I never look at then and I'm never going to use them for anything. So why save them? I have only saved two assignments because they inspire me and other than that everything is gone. Also let go of the documents you don't write, read or use anymore that's just wasted space. 

8. Old receipts
Don't we all know this; We say yes to the receipts and they pile up in your wallet and you never really throw them out. And it's not like you're going to use them. It's time to open your wallet and throw them out. And when someone asks if you want the receipt just say no thank you. Why do you need it? 

9. Any clutter on your computer
This is the same as the documents. Why would you save it? Old pictures. Music you don't listen to. Old videos. Old programs. Declutter your computer for a fresh new year. If you have something you would like to save but don't want it on your computer, get an USB and have those things you don't use on a daily basis there. 

10. Broken electronics
Do you still have the charger for your last phone? Or maybe you still have those broken headphones lying around. Well, they need to leave. Or you need to throw them out, haha. Haven't had the time to get around to decluttering? Well, the time is now before the new year.