5 Changes I Want To Make In 2018

The new year is just around the corner. And for many people a new year means a new them. Or just a couple of changes that will not stick more than a month, maybe even less. I actually have some changes I would like to make in my life. Some changes that have to do with zero waste. I have already made a post where I share a couple of changes I have made to better my life – these on the other hand are changes I want to make. So let's go: 

1. Only have one notebook
I have always had a lot of notebooks. And when I say a lot, I mean a LOT! But I would like to change that to decrease my use of paper. Instead of having a notebook for one thing and another notebook for another thing then just use one. One notebook for all my notes and ideas. And then if I have a specific topic that I would like to keep seperate I can just write it in a dokument on my computer. 

2. No wrapping paper
I have come to find that wrapping paper is so unnecessary and an absolute waste. And as stated before I would like to decrease my use of paper. I have a lot of ideas as to how you can wrap your presents so I will definitely make a post in the future with a few ideas. I have already shared a reusable gift bag which is also a tote bag. 

3. Bring a glass water bottle 
Every minute 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world - That's a lot of plastic! And where does that end? The ocean. It is said that if you eat seafood you ingest up to 11,000 small pieces of plastic every year. That's not very nice. Now I don't eat seafood but I do care about the animals being killed in the ocean because of plastic. So instead of buying a plastic bottle I bring with me a glass bottle which can be used again and again. 

4. The library
If you saw my room half a year ago I would have a big bookshelf with over a hundred books, now I have 18. My absolute favorite books. The ones I can read again and again and still love. Before, I just bought books because why not? Then I end up throwing them away not necessarily because I didn't like it bit because I don't feel like keeping them. That I want to stop. The library is so great for that. I can borrow a book and then when I'm done reading it's out of my hands and another person can enjoy it. 

5. A thrifted closet
I have been shopping in thrift stores for years. And I love it. But sometimes I still buy items from 'regular' stores which I almost always end up getting rid of. To be honest I love thrifted items so much more. It's just more unique and more me. So in the new year I would like to change my waste in clothing. To stop the waste I am going to shop clothes only in thrift stores with the exception of underwear and socks.