DIY Stars

This year I have definitely gone more into minimalism and with that (I feel like) follows a more low waste lifestyle. And recently I have really tried to minimalize plastic in any way I can in my life. I have always loved ornaments but (almost) all of them are plastic - if you are going to get them please go to a thrift store, instead of buying them new, they have SO many.. at least here in Denmark they have. But, to eliminate that plastic I made these stars this year with branches found in nature and I absolutely love the rustic look. They are easy to make and of course really inexpensive. So let's get into it:

You will need branches and some twine:

Cut five branches into the same length and start creating a star shape by tying the ends together:

To secure it tie some string where the two branches overlap

Cut off the ends of the twine: 

And you have a star!