DIY Reusable Gift Bags

We use so much paper! So. Much. And I can't even begin to imagine how much it must be at this time of year. Absolutely crazy. And yes, I have shared gift wrapping posts this year where I have used the ever so famous brown paper. I still think it looks good and I really think you can get creative with it.
But I have also thought a lot about it and I would definitely use newspapers instead of wrapping paper to spare the world for the waste. And how do little me make a difference? Well, it has to start somewhere doesn't it? Otherwise there will never be changes. And do not underestimate what impact you have on the world. Because it might seem small but it is huge. We are all footprints on the world. What kind would you like yours to be? 

So, using newspapers I will, but there is also a lot of waste fabric at the thrift store and I thought about making a reusable gift bag. A bit cuter than the newspaper (not that I really care) and something that can be used over and over again. I actually made it into a tote bag so it's like a second gift. So find fabric at the thrift store and get sewing. You can even make smaller pieces of fabric into a bigger bag. That would look so cool! Let's get into it shall we:

Lay your fabric double and draw out a 37x42cm (with sewing allowance) rectangle and cut it out 

Pin them right sides together and sew it together leaving the top open (a 37 cm side)

Fold down the top 7 cm 

Now draw and cut out two rectangles the length you want with a 8 cm width

Fold down the top and bottom edges and iron them down 

Fold it in half and iron the strip 

Open the strip and fold in the sides and iron them down

Then fold the strips in half and iron them down

Then sew down the side of the strip. Do that to the other strip too

Pin the strips on to the edge of the bag 

Then sew all around the edge of the bag

Lastly finish off by sewing down the other side of the strip so it's secure

Turn the bag inside out and it is ready to use.