Preorder New Ebook and Get 3 Recipes Now

Merry Christmas! Hope you are having a wonderful december. Here I have a few exciting news. First off, for the danish people out there: We have made a free tea ebook with amazing tea recipes and tips as to how you can dry your own herbs. Find it by clicking right HERE

But don't worry, it will soon be translated to english so stay tuned. 

Now for some other exciting news; We are making a second ebook! This time with more than snacks and desserts. It will be with amazing recipes perfect for lunch or dinner. These recipes are perfect for a movie night or just any night where you are having guests over. You can make your own menu with the different recipes. 

To go all out on the movie theme we have named all the recipes after a movie quote. Can you guess where they are from, haha? 

Both a danish and english version:

Click here to preorder it and get 3 amazing recipes now! 

The description of the book:

We have started our second ebook  "Movie Night"  and you can already preorder it and get 3 recipes now. 

This ebook will contain even more recipes than our first ebook  "Raw Sweet Adventures"  and it will be a mixture of raw and warm dishes. There will be a mixture of dinner, dessert and snack recipes. 

We have only used organic food items

No fancy ingredients, only items which you can find in supermarkets and health food stores. 

There are no recipes with  ”No Go” so if you follow  Anthony William (MedicalMedium) you can make and enjoy these recipes with no problems. 

The recipes will contain the following food items: fruit, vegetables, nuts, almonds, seeds, herbs (both fresh and dried), spices and coconut.

This is an electronic ebook so you will not recieve a paper version but a PDF file which you can print out yourself. 

At delivery you choose 'free delivery'. 

When you have paid for the book you will in a matter of 1 to 2 days recieve an email with the ebook in a PDF file.  

I will save you order and when the book is finished in 2018 I will mail the finished book without extra costs.