Simple Gift Wrap Idea

I found these bracelets at the thrift store and had this idea for a simple gift wrap which you can really get creative with. And who doesn't love that? I love using what I can find at the thrift store to make a present pop. I love the simple look of this wrapping but you can definitely spice it up with different elements and tie things to the ring. I think I'm definitely going to tie a to/form card on to the ring.
If you want to make a zero wate version of this you could totally use any kind of upcycled paper, like news paper or tissue paper and then make a ring out of small thin branches and some wire, use some biodegradable twine and then find some fir in nature - with that you can make the exactly the same gift wrap with a more nature look (of course).

Firstly you just wrap as you normally would.