DIY Frame Tray

Welcome to the first DIY in 2018. I have been wanting to show this DIY for so long so why not as the first DIY in the new year? But there are many amazing DIYs and recipes coming! This idea came to me when I saw a frame at the thrift store and I wanted to make it into a tray I could have notebooks, necklace pendants or crystals on. I love the result and currently I have my crystals on it which I love. You can do this with any frame, I just like mine to have a bit of an edge if that makes sense. But it is so easy to make so let's just get into it: 

You need a frame, four beads/pearls and some glue

Place the beads in each corner on the back of the frame

Glue the beads on to the frame. I used a hot glue gun

And it is done!

What do you think?