DIY Lace Lamp

I was in the need of a new lamp shade and my mother had an idea to use a piece of lace fabric to make a lamp shade for our living room which turned out pretty well (the one used to show the DIY). I wanted to make one for myself but with a regular piece of thin lace. I absolutely love it and it is so easy to do.
As said, with the lamp I used to show the DIY we used a wider piece of lace around 15-20 cm wide which makes it more compact and textured. And then the other lamp I used a regular piece of lace round 4 cm which gives a 'tighter' look and you are able to see the pattern of the lace even more when the lamp isn't on. But let's just get into it shall we:

You need a piece of lace, needle and thread matching the color of the lace and a lamp base 

Use a basic running stitch to sew the end of the lace around the lamp base

 Then continue to wrap the lace around the lamp 

Cut off the excess lace 

And sew the lace secure with a running stitch