DIY Pearl Wall Art

My parents asked for something to decorate a bare wall we had in our living room and I went on Pinterest for some inspiration. I didn't find something but after a walk where I found some branches I got this idea. I knew that I wanted to use some of the many pearls we had and I think this looks so good. It does take a long time but I really like the result and my parents did too and that's the important thing. A little tip: Instead of hanging it with some thread you can also hammer in some nails under the branch to hold it up. Let's get into it:

Lay out the pearls how you want to place them on the yarn

Cut a piece of yarn double the size you want it to be. Fold the yarn in half and lay it under the middle of the branch, fold over the loop and pull the two ends through the loop. 

Use some thin string to put the pearls on to the yarn. 

Tie a knot under the pearl to secure it in place. Repeat this step with all the pearls and strings. 

And after a lot of time it is done, haha. Use a piece of string and/or nails to hang it.