How To: Stop Procrastinating

It's actually quite funny. I have been wanting to make this post for a long time. This list has been in my notebook for quite a while but I have just, yep you guessed it, procratinated. Not the ideal thing to do with a post about procratinating. More specifictly, how not to.. But how do you get shit done?
This is my tips that has helped me from sitting in my bed all day watching netflix and youtube to crossing out my to do list.

The to do list 
When I am done for the day I like to make a to do list for the next. A to do list or a plan helps keep you motivated and crossing it out when it's done is one of the best things ever. 
To make the to do list even better, break the goals down into smaller goals. For example don't just write 'Make blog post' - that is way too unspicific and uninspiring. Instead go into more details like:
Write meditation post:
- Take pictures of myself meditating 
- Find out the benifits of meditating
- Find great quotes about meditating
- Why do I meditate? 

By having a plan with smaller goal you feel even more motivated to get them done. Also, instead of having a lot of unspecific goals have less more detailed goals. That will definitely help the productivity. 

Change out of PJs
On days where I am not going out of the house I just stay in my PJs. This most definitely does not help you being productive. PJs, in you mind, is for sleeping and the time to relax. Change into something else to let your brain know that it is time to get to work.  
This does not mean less compftable clothing but just a reminder to your body and brain that it is time to get things done. It does not matter what, just something other than PJs. This has helped my produvtivity a whole lot!

Away with social media 
Oh boy, here it goes again. Social media is almost always the bad boy. And yeah, sometimes it is. It is one of the biggest time consumers and instead of being productive you find yourself scrolling and scrolling and scrolling on Instagram or Tumblr. Turning of your wifi on your phone and logging out Facebook on your computer when you have shit to do will definitely help your productivity!

Why do you do it? 
Ask yourself about why you put it on your to do list? Does it help you reach a greater goal of yours? Is it something you want to do? I know vacuming is something most people don't want to do but it helps you have a clean space with gives a clear mind. The things you do should have a purpose. Otherwise it's just a waste of time. And you most likely end up not doing it.. 

Breaks are essential for a good process. You need breaks in your working day, otherwise you are going to burn out. Take the time to make some awesome food and eat it while doing nothing other than eating. I also like to take walks and clear my mind. Turn up the music and take a dance break. Or read a couple of pages in a book. Just take a break.