How To: Succeed With New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!! The new year always feels like a fresh start. Or it can be. Just like any other day at the year can be a new start. You should never stop developing yourself just because it's not the right time of the year. And to be honest, when is the timing ever right? But with that said, New Years is for many people the place to start so here are some of my tips on how to nail those goals of yours.
You forget your goals
You write down your goals and think great now I’m all set for the new year. You close the notebook and two months in you find the notebook and oops there are the goals you wanted to work on but because you couldn’t see them you forgot all about them. Have them displayed so you see them and get reminded every day. 

Your goals are too unspecific // break them down
If you just write down ‘lose weight’ it’s going to be hard and it is most likely going to end in failure. Instead of focusing on one big thing break down your goal into smaller goals. For example a smaller goal could be to find an exercise you enjoy. Therefore exercising will be no stress and no forcing. 
I like to have some music in my ears and just dance. Not choreographed or anything fancy, just feeling the music. Turn of your head and let your body take over. It is amazing.
A goal could also be ‘I want to love myself’. Great. Yes. That is the first step. But how do you do that? If you do no more thought than that it’s going to be difficult. Instead ask yourself 'what does self-love mean to me?'
And then break it down. What are some smaller steps you can take to reach that goal? Yes, the ultimate goal is to love yourself but where does that journey start? How do you get there?
It could be: 
- Smile at yourself in the mirror. Keep smiling. Every time you see yourself in the mirror smile. And if you start looking at your insecurities. Stop the thought and smile. Just smile. It might be weird at first but it is going to feel genuine over time. 

- Replace negative thoughts with positive thought. When you think 'I have such an ugly smile' stop. Acknowledge that you had the thought, don't hate yourself for it (because that's not very helpful in terms of loving yourself) and replace it with 'I have such a lovely smile' And keep doing it even though it might seem silly. Thoughts are very powerful. Keep replacing the thoughts with positive and encouraging thoughts. 

- Before you go to bed have a positive thought you repeat every night: I am fucking awesome or I love myself and I am just as I'm supposed to be. By repeating this you create a positive pattern. Repeat it many times and smile. Smiling is key. 

Start small and then work your way up. What is the saying? Don’t put more on your plate than you can eat? If you just say ‘I want to love myself’  You are most likely going to end up feeling like a failure when you keep having setbacks. Take baby steps.

You make too many goals
You have 20 goals and you are absolutely set on succeeding. But you forget half of them and the ones you try to do doesn't really go very well. Instead have a handful of goals. I would say maximum 4-5, display them so you see them every day and get to work. Again you are setting yourself up for failure by taking on more than you can handle. Have a few main goals and work hard on those instead of working half ass on 50 goals.

Be realistic
But people say to dream big? Now I’m confused. If your goal is too big it is going to be hard to achieve – yes, nothing is impossible but again, break your goal into smaller pieces and it will become so much easier. And you will have a lot more positive experiences once you achieve the smaller goals. You will have a desire to achieve more. 

Ask yourself why?
Why do you want to do it? With a goal there should always be a 'why' that makes sense to you. Otherwise it's not going to work. You should have a genuine desire to do this and write the reasons with your goals so you have even more motivation to succeed. 
And if it is something you really really want to do, it is not going to be a pain in the ass or a chore to do. You should choose goals that make you happy. ‘I should this’ and ‘I should that’ does not belong here (or anywhere for that matter) and your goals along with everything else in your life should make you happy.

Work hard
Something that makes me happy does not necessarily mean that it is going to be easy peasy. It can be, but not always. Work as hard as you can but if you have a setback then stop, for the love of god, stop punishing yourself. Forgive yourself and let it go. Learn from your mistakes and get to work again.