Thrifted Treasures // Decorative Chair

Welcome to 'Thrifted Treasure'! This is a new series where I show, you guessed it, thrifted treasures to inspire you to go thrifting. This is just to show how easy it is to upcycle and to give some inspiration as to what to use these thrifted treasures for. Some of them will be DIYs and some of the treasures I will use for something other that what they were made for.. if that makes any sense.

Well I can just show you, because today I am going to show you what you can use a chair for. Other than to sit on it. My mother and I found this at a thrift store and thought it was perfect for the corner of our dining room to use as display. There are so many possibilities, for now we just use it for plants and candles. You can also wrap some twinkle lights around the back-rest or you can even decorate the chair itself with some mod podge and any kind of paper.

What do you think?