10 Days of Decluttering

I have been really into decluttering the past six months and I have enjoyed getting rid of any clutter there might be and I am still throwing things away. Things that aren't ruined go to the thrift store and things that are just goes out. There is no need to keep old and ruined things anymore. You could go all out and do everything all at once, like I did one evening which took 5 hours or you can do it little by little, day by day which is a lot easier and doesn't take too much energy - here is a 10 day decluttering plan:
Want more decluttering? Here is 10 things to get rid of right now.

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Day 1:
Email subscriptions
Go through your email subscriptions and unsubscribe from any you don't really read and lost interest in. This will definitely declutter your email inbox and now when you are already there go through your emails and delete old emails, not important emails and what else there might be there that you won't really need.

Day 2:
Throw away any books you haven't picked up and have been sitting on your shelf for a long time. You will not get to it if you always reach for other books. Throw away any books you don't really like because well.. why have books you don't like when you can have more books you love? And throw away any books you won't read again.
Also go through your To Be Read list and remove any books you have lost interest in and books that has been there forever but you never pick up. If you haven't picked it up before why would you now?

Day 3:
Toiletries can quickly pile up with tons of products you didn't even know you had. Today you get rid of everything you don't use, everything you still have that's empty and everything you don't really like. If you want to take it a step further, try to minimize your products, of course use what you have left and don't repurchase the same or similar product if you didn't absolutely love it.

Day 4:
Unfollow, unfriend, unsubscribe on social media
Go through Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest whatever social media you might have and unfollow any accounts that doesn't inspire you, make you happy or give something to your life. Go through your Facebook page and unfriend unnecessary 'friendships' on Facebook that you don't really care about. And go through Youtube and unsubscribe to any channel that you don't feel like watching any more. 

Day 5:
Declutter your wallet and bags
Get rid of old receipts that just clutter your wallet and anything in your wallet that may be there but you don't use. If you have receipts for a big purchase that you would like to save in case it gets ruined or something then put them somewhere else, maybe a folder or a box so you don't have to carry it around everywhere. 

Day 6:
Go through your stationary and declutter anything that might not work anymore or anything you just don't use because what is the point of keeping that? Go through all your pens and see if they still work or if they have dried out. Sharpen all your pencils so they are ready for use. 

Day 7:
If you are like me you most likely have a lot of mugs. Who doesn't love a good mug? It is time to go through all them and get rid of any mugs that are chipped, old or mugs you don't reach for anymore. And if you have a lot of tea, go through all of them and see if there are some you don't really drink anymore and get rid of those too. 

Day 8:
Old nail polishes
I don't have any nail polish and I don't intent on getting any because well, I just don't care about nail polish but back in the days I used to have a few and even though they were all thick and dry I still kept them and don't even ask me why. Because to be honest I don't know. Get rid of any nail polish that is too old to use or any nail polishes you don't love the color of. 

Day 9:
Unfinished projects
Have a lot of projects everywhere that needs your attention? I most certainly do and it is time to let go of those who has been on my list for a long time. Maybe there is a reason I haven't gotten around to doing them. I don't prioritize them so why bother. If you find projects you would like to finish, now is the time to do so.

Day 10:
Go through your clothes and throw out (to the thrift store) anything you don't like, anything that's ill filling, anything that's ruined or stained, anything you don't like, anything that doesn't fit (No. Do not keep that small dress you one day hope to fit into. Get rid of it now!) or anything that's time to let go of. It is absolutely great to declutter your wardrobe because you almost always find something you forgot and fall in love with it again (but if you find something you forgot you owned and it goes back to that forgotten place in your brain then get rid of it).