DIY (Oracle) Card Display

Do you have a special card or picture you would like to display? This is a super easy way to display inspirational pictures because they are easy to change. I needed something to display my oracle cards and after wrapping my brain for an easy to change method this is what I came up with at it is amazing and works so well and it looks super cool. You can use any frame you want. This I found at the thrift store. If you want something similar that is where you should let your eyes wonder. 

You will need: a frame, two small clothes pins, thin yarn or string and a glue gun 

Take out the glass and backing of the frame and cut off any pieces that 'holds' the backing in place

You can also just fold them down

Use any kind of thin yarn or string 

Put the thread throught the hole in the clothes pin

Then with the pins on to the string, glue it on to the frame and cut off any excess string