How To: Room Makeover

I have been working super hard on my room these past few months. I think that my room is always going to be a work in progress. I think everything in our lives including us is a work in progress. But I have always been switching things up and never really been completely happy about my room. But I would like to change that and really figure out what I really like (not saying this is how it is forever) so I thought I would give some tips and tricks to you who wants to do the same. And I must say it has been so much fun to do!
These are some guidelines and questions you can ask yourself before you start. I have filled out the points so you can get an example of what I mean. If you want to read some more about good energy in a room and about tidying up just click here. But let's just get into it:

Brainstorm and ask yourself questions. This can really help further along where you need to make a plan for how you want your furniture to be placed and these answer are really helpful when you make a vision board. These are also just questions that can be helpful to figure out your style and that you really like. It can be questions like:

What do you do in your room?
My answer: I like to make DIYs, relax and read, work on my computer, paint and dance.
What in your room do you like right now?
My answer: I like my desk, my bed, my Buddha statue, my dream catcher and my book shelf thing (I don't know what that type of furniture is called.. It's the one of the far left on the first picture)
What would you like to change?
My answer: I would like to get some new frames, some old books for display, new bedding and I would also like to change how all the furniture pieces are placed.
What are some practical needs?
My answer: I need room to do yoga and dance, it needs to be easy to take pictures for DIYs and it needs to be inspiring.
What kind of style would you like?
My answer: Old/vintage style with lots of DIYs. I would like to darken the color palette in the decor. But also keep it minimal.

Take notes:
Notes are very helpful when you go shopping so you stick to your style. Your brainstorm really comes in handy here because you get to fill in with what you would like which you have already answered. These are some of the topics that helped me figuring out what I wanted:


Gold - Brown - Blue

Wood - Metal - Fluffy/soft (blankets and pillows)

Powerful, retro/vintage, old, plants, different shades of brown, darken up the colors

Key pieces:
Old frames - Old books - Crystals

When you have figured out some keywords and some key pieces, going on Pinterest and searching the keywords can really be helpful. Create a (vision) board dedicated to your new style and pin away. If you see something you like but it's necessarily not your style, write what you like and then maybe you can buy/make something similar. Here is my pinterest board decor.

Create an interior design plan
You need to make a plan for your room. Draw out your room shape with windows, doors and what not and start placing your furniture. Here it would really help to move them around in your room so you can get a good idea of how you would like it - don't be afraid to try everything you can think of. Here the question of what you do in your room can come in handy. For example, I do yoga so I need a place where I can put my mat.
When you have figured out how you want to place your furniture (this can of course change along the way) then it's time to figure out where and how you want to place your decorations and what you are going to have on your walls. Have an overall plan of what you would like but it can of course change when you shop if you find something cool.

Create a needs list
What do you need? Create a list of items you need for your new room so when you go shopping you remember everything and don't buy what's not on the list (of course if you see something awesome you would like but it's not on your list, go for it)

What was on my list: 
- Old frames
- Old books
- New bedding
- New pots for plants
- New fabric for the big pillow
- New desk chair
- New 'old' decorations (the dark bottles, new plants, frame for the tray and crystals)
- A fluffy blanket
- New lamp + lace for the shade

Not on my list: 
- The cross, the anchor and the heart on my wall beside the window
- The three pencil and paint brush holders
- The shelf

Before making a shopping list look around your room to see if there is anything you can upcycle to make it fit your new style and your new room. What can you upcycle from your room? Upcycle as much as you can so you don't have to buy everything new.

Thrift, thrift, thrift 
The only thing I have bought new is my new bedding and a blanket. Otherwise everything is thrifted or DIYed which is pretty cool and super inexpensive. And there are tons of ideas on Pinterest so I would highly recommend doing a good search because I am sure you can find great tips and tricks to upcycling. I also have a new series where I show you thrifted gold and make DIY's with them - click here to check it out.
When you change your room decor there are always things you don't want or need anymore. Everything that is not ruined goes to the thrift store. They will bring joy to others.

DIY is your friend 
As mentioned before, upcycle and DIY as much as you can. Here I am just showing what I have made and upcycled for my new room with some links if I have already posted a DIY and if not a DIY will come soon.

Some DIY's from my room
Dream catcher - No post  
Necklace displays - Click here 
Stars on the wall - Click here 
Lace lamp shade - Click here 
Book pages on my closet doors - Just tape them on using double sided tape
Moon garland - Coming soon 

Here are some more photos: 

What do you think of the makeover?