Thrifted Treasures//Interior DIY Ideas

This is kind of a 'turning this into that' where I turn thrifted finds into something they weren't necessarily made for and make it into something new. I hope that that sentence made sense. But I have really enjoyed doing that since doing  makeover in my room and it just makes you think outside the box. These are some of the ideas that has popped up whenever I was looking around in thrift stores:

Use a jug as vases
This is probably nothing new but I just fell in love with this beautiful blue jug and sat it on top of books with some flowers in it. They just give an extra effect because they have the handle and their shape can be so elegant. It would look super cool with a lot of different shapes and sizes of vases together with beautiful flowers. 

Turn scarves or blankets into pillowcases
I was looking for something brown/gold fabric to make some pillowcases out of and I looked at the fabric section every time I went thrift shopping yet nothing catched my eye. So one day I was looking in the scarves section, which I don't do often, and here was a big piece of beautiful fabric perfect for my room. And it was so much cheaper than fabric. 

Big pot plant as table
I do not know where this idea came from but it just appeared out of no where. I really wanted a new nightstand put couldn't really find anything fitting at the thrift stores and I did not want to pay waaay to much money for something I wasn't in love with at a regular store. So what then? Well, into my mind came the idea of using a big plant pot with a tray on top. Absolutely obsessed with it! 
You can also use it as a table for beautiful plants in a corner of the room. 

Books for plant tables 
This is another 'table' idea. Originally I was going to use big books stacked on each other as a night stand but that was a bit too unsteady. But I still loved the idea of using books as stands so why not stack a bunch and use them for beautiful plants, or as seen on the picture above, for jugs turned into a vase and my Buddha statue. Love it! 
It would look super cool to have a whole wall only with many stacks of books with a plant on top. I am definitely doing that when I move out. How cool would it be to have a bunchof old books stacked in different heights with plants on top? I think very cool. (can you stop saying cool now please?) 

Frames into trays 
This is a DIY that I have already showed before but I just wanted to mention it again because it looks super good. You don't even have to glue on some pearls or beads, you could just, well use the frame as it is. I just thought it was an extra cool element and I really like how it looks. I use mine for crystals and stones but you can also use it for jewellery and laying your notebooks on it.