Books That Have Changed My Life

For a book to be a life changer you have to be open to change your life. You have to want to change your life and leave old habits and old ways of living behind. If you still hold on to the old then how will you ever step into the new? You don't need to know HOW to change your life you simply need to WANT to and the rest will come. I have focused a lot on changing my life the past months and here are some of the books that left a big impact and maybe they could do the same to you?

How to Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui
By Karen Kingston. I have mentioned this book a couple of times before and as the title say, this book did change my life. From stuffing my space with thing I didn't really care about but was too scared to throw out because 'what if', to having things I love, a room that isn't cluttered and an awareness of 'does it spak joy?' before I buy things. Yes, this book did indeed change my life. If you have a hard time decluttering and tend to buy things that was.. a mistake then this is the book for you.

The Secret Language of Your Body 
By Inna Segal. Every single pain you feel physically in your body is linked to something mentally. Yes, you heard me right. That is what this book is all about. This is a reference book on different illnesses and diseases. Have a problem like acne? Have a problem like anxiety? Then look up what it means mentally in this book. Every single illness and disease is there. Or at least I haven't been wanting to find something and then it wasn't there. 

The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success
By Deepak Copra. I found this book at the library and read it in like.. an hour or something (it's not that long..) and then I ordered it so I could have a copy myself. This book is, for me, a game changer. This book explains the seven spiritual laws of success with guides to how you can follow them. I will say that this is the book where I got the greatest 'lesson'. And that lesson is silence. I have leaned to appreciate silence and what it has to say. Because, believe me, it has something to say, you just have to listen. 

Medical Medium
By Anthony William. A book that tells you what a physical illness means mentally? That's absolutely nuts! Then is probably going to be even more nuts for you now. This book is about you being able to eat yourself healthy and eating away any disease or illness you might have. Yeah, nuts! It is an explanation on illnesses that the 'regular' doctors have yet to discover. It is absolutely eye opening and once you are over the explanation of 'spirit' which to some is just even more nuts them you will be absolutely stunned. And can I just say that I have never felt better!

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck
By Sara Knight. Do you have a hard time saying no to things you don't want to do? Do you have a hard time putting yourself first and always pleasing others instead of pleasing yourself? Do you have a hard time listening to what you want? Or maybe you already know what you want but can't act on it? Well, then this is the book for you!
This books is not a guide to becoming an asshole but a book on how to set yourself first and give a fuck about what you want to give a fuck about and fuck the rest! Why spend time doing things you don't want to do, like going to an event that you, to be honest, don't really care about when you could spend that time snuggling up at home with Netflix and a good snack, doing exactly what you want?

You Can Heal Your Life 
By Louise Hay. This book is all about changing your mindset. And if you change your mindset with good intentions, you are able to change your reality and manifest what you want. What we think becomes our reality. This book gives you great examples of how you can start changing your mindset and therefore your life. Stop with the excuses and instead start to act on what you want.