DIY Moon Phases Garland

The moon has such an amazing energy and is so easy to fall in love with. I have always loved the moon and I wanted to incorporate the moon into my room at least one way when I made a room makeover - learn more about that here. But I really adore the way it turned out and I love how it looks with the book pages on my closet. As mentioned, I used book pages for this (such a surprise, haha no) but you can use any kind of paper of your choice I would just recommend to glue a couple of pages together to make it thicker.

But here is what you do:

Draw and cut out 7 circles

With two of them: cut out a small piece on the side

With two of them: cut them into a crescent moons

With two of them: cut out a big piece leaving a narrow moon shape

Then cut seven pieces of yarn the same size

Put the yarn onto a needle and push it through the top of the moon.

Tie a knot at the end

Repeat on all seven moon shapes

Cut a long piece of the yarn and put the moon shapes onto it 

And hang it on the wall