4 Ways I Fill Out My Notebooks

I have written a diary ever since I learned how to write and I absolutely love it! I have a basket full of old diaries. But that is not the only way I use notebooks and that's what today's post is about. There are so many ways you can fill out and use notebooks. And these are just the ways I use them. There are ton of other ways. Please let me know how you use notebooks and if you have other ideas in the comments. But let's get into it: 

A notebook for ideas: 
This notebook I use for all of my ideas, brainstorms and general thoughts and ideas for the blog. This is where I develop my ideas and posts. I write outlines for posts, make tons of brainstorms and to do lists. I like this notebook to be big so there is more room on each page to write and plan. I like to keep this notebook filled with new thoughts so I typically tear out the page when I am done with the post. 

A notebook for my braindumps and my diary:
This notebook is my diary. Here I write everything in my life like how a normal diary works, at least the way it works or me. This is where I get out my thoughts, feelings and experiences and I have always loved putting a pen to paper to tell about my life and my thoughts. And the other thing I also like to do it this is to 'braindump'. For example if I have a hard time falling asleep or there is something constantly on my mind I braindump. I write down everything that comes to my mind and my worries and thoughts. This is like brainstorming where you just write down everything that comes to you. 

A notebook for gratitude: 
Writing down what you are grateful for will calm your soul and make you appreciate the little things in life. Things you otherwise wouldn't notice. There are many ways to do this, I like to either do it in the morning or the night, it depends, and then I write around 3 things I am grateful for that day. This is also a perfect way to ground yourself and let go of whatever negative feelings you might have. 

A notebook for creative writing: 
This notebook is filled with creative writing or 'scribbles' as I like to call them. This is where I write everything creative, poems and other texts and I absolutely love it! I absolutely love experimenting with ways to use words, sentence structures and all that fun stuff. This is the notebook that always keeps me from sleeping when I want to go to sleep because all the creative stuff just comes to me when I am about to sleep, haha. A little bit annoying but well.. that's just how it is..

How do you like to fill out your notebooks?