5 Life Changes // 2

On the topic of changes I just wanted to mention the new name, Soluuna, which some of you will probably notice and some of the changes that will happen on this little corner of the internet. I will still be posting DIY's, recipes, lifestyle posts including minimalism, low waste and veganism + thrifted treasures but I will also add books and spiritual posts into the mix. Hope to see you around but let's get into today's post:

I have made a lot of changes to my life the past couple of months. Changes that have, without a doubt, changed my life for the better. One of them, might I say the biggest of them, is to back down on social media which you can read more about in the first post - click right here. It has been absolutely amazing to see how a few changes to my everyday life have made such a big impact. So I wanted to keep going. Keep making these life-changing changes and here I have collected five more:

1. Sleep with my phone away from my bed
I used to scroll on social media for hours before I went to sleep. And when I woke up I scrolled for at least another couple of hours. Sounds familiar? The ever so famous scrolling is such a mindless time and energy killer. Instead of having it in my reach, it is now on my desk. This has resulted in me not scrolling before I go to sleep and after I wake up. But I also sleep with an alarm so I no longer snooze. I have to get up from bed to turn up my alarm and then I am already up and awake. 

Result: I have a much better and more sleep and I would choose sleep over scrolling any time. It is amazing how much it has changed my sleep + I have gained more time in the morning. Something you should definitely try!

2. Walk just after waking up 
So, time I spend scrolling I have now used for making a good morning routine. And that includes a good walk just after waking up. It is amazing how fresh you get after a walk. Even just a small walk around the area you live. Something that has also changed is my energy. I have gotten so much energy from taking a walk and getting fresh air. Fresh air is amazing. You should try it

Result: I have waaay more energy and in this cold weather here in Denmark, I am also warmer when I come inside again and that is absolutely amazing. The fresh air does wonders to your mind and body. 

3. A better sleep schedule
Because I am on my second gap year and I don't work in the morning I have just been sleeping. I went to bed a little late and then I slept half the day away. Which was amazing the first couple of months but it just turned into a bad habit. So instead I went to bed early and set my alarm. Setting your alarm, at first, seems like a punishment. But really it is an opportunity to get the best out of your day and I love working on my projects in the morning. 

Result: A better sleep schedule equals better sleep. But not only that, it has also brought a better mood and more energy. Your body starts making its own 'alarm' and I am waking up almost every day just before my alarm rings. And that, is amazing!

4. Two glasses of lemon water before breakfast
I have made a habit of squeezing some lemon juice into a glass of water. And might I say it is not only a habit, but it is a good habit! This cleanses my system and it has helped clear my skin which is always amazing. I have a big glass of 0,5 L so when I say two glasses of water I mean 1 L overall. I do this after my walk in the morning. 

Result: Cleanses my system and has helped clear my skin. A perfect start for my stomach!

5. Stretch my neck (and body)
This has almost turned into my morning routine, haha. But I have made so many changes to my morning. Because when I changed my morning I changed the rest of my day which also means my life. 
Just after I wake up and before I go on my walk I stretch my neck and body. Nothing crazy, I just lightly stretch my neck and whatever else needs stretching. I also like to lightly massage my shoulders. And while I do this I also take deep breaths so it almost becomes meditative. 

Result: A relaxed body (and a relaxed mind) which is all I could ever aks for.

So, these are some of the changes I have made and I would not be without any of them! What are some changes you would like to make in your life?