Branch Wall Decor

A few posts ago I made a moon garland and one evening I got the idea, more like the vision, to combine the moon garland and necklace display with a branch and the throw in my dream catcher as well. With the dream catcher in the middle it would also work as the full moon.
I think it turned out so great! And I absolutely love the branch I found outside. But what to call this? Some kind of wall art? Necklace wall decor + moon garland? Branch wall decor? We'll see when I have to post this, haha ;) 

There is really no DIY to this other that to hang the branch with nails and then throw on necklaces, your moons and dream catcher. There are so many other possibilities and you can really hand anything on this. There will be a part two where I show you another, maybe not so different, option.