DIY Yarn Wall Decor

This is such an easy DIY to make which looks super cool but only needs a few materials. You can really get creative with this using many different colors and textures of yarn or ribbon. It would even look super cool to throw in some beads here and there. 
If you need a statement piece on your wall that is easy to make and really inexpensive then this is definitely the way to go. You can make it any size you want and it would look so cool to make it super duper big! So it almost hit the floor and is wide in length so it covers a big wall. 
This is also very easy to customize to any type of room design, if you are more into boho, romantic or want a more classic look. It all depends on the yarn. And as I always say, the thrift store is a good place to start looking for yarn that is super cheap. Now I'll stop with all the talking and start getting into how you can make this cool wall piece:

You will need a branch and some yarn

Cut a piece of yarn double the length you want it to be

Fold the yarn in half and place it under the branch like this 

Then fold over the loop 

and pull the ends through the loop

Pull to tighten and repeat until you have the desired look

If needed cut the ends of the yarn to the desired look

Hang it on the wall with two nails

The finished look: