Foods I Started Loving After Going Vegan

My taste buds and the foods I crave have changed drastically after deciding to ditch meat, dairy and eggs. It is said that it only takes a few weeks for your taste to change which is not a long time. I would take (organic!) dried apricots or dates over regular candy or sweets any day. But I thought it would be fun to share some changes in my taste of food since going vegan. So here are some of the things I started LOVING after going vegan. Never thought I'd say yum to dates yet here I am, haha..

Avocados: I did not like the taste of avocados before I went vegan and now I almost don't go a day without them! Avocado is an amazing fruit (yeah I know, what??) you can throw on your plate no matter what your meal is. I love them cubed in my quinoa salad, as a savory snack with some spices and in the oven and let's not forget about guacamole! Avocados are filled with vitamins and are a healthy fat source.

Tip: put half an avocado in your smoothie for extra creamyness. 

Bananas: another food I did not really like before going vegan but now.. I do not go a day without bananas. Perfect in smoothies for creamyness, a good filling snack on the go and don't forget banana nice cream.. oh my.. Bananas are filled with potassium and they are an amazing energy source. Remember to wait to eat them with some brown spots on them so they are ripe.

Tip: Put half a mashed banana in your oatmeal for extra creamyness - Use the rest for topping.

Dates: I did not like the taste of dates before I went vegan but now I eat them as a snack and to sweeten everything! You can use dates to sweeten anything like smoothies, cakes, oatmeal, pancakes and much more! You can basically use dates to replace refined sugar. Dates are filled with zinc which helps a lot with sleep problems.

Tip: Dates are an amazing quick snack and to make them even better put a nut or an almond into it where the pit used to be for a nice crunch. 

Chia seeds: are amazing. I love the crunch they make when I put them in my bliss balls. Put them in smoothies, a nice topping for sweet bowls and chia porridge is delicious! They give this perfect creamyness and don't even get me started on how good they are for the body. Chia seeds are a super food and filled with omega 3 and 6.

Tip: Put them into your bliss balls for extra crunch.

Coconut: I have never really been a fan of coconuts - well, that was until I went vegan. Now I don't think I go without it. Coconut oil, dessicated coconut and coconut milk. Now I love the flavor and use it everywhere. Coconut is amazing for the digestive system and supports the immune system.

Tip: To make the perfect milkshake, use coconut milk for nice flavor and creamyness. Tastes great with vanilla powder.

Almonds: I hated almonds and I thought they were so dry.. but as you can probably guess, since it is on this list, that has changed. I love them as a snack and I love to make bliss balls out of them. They are with a couple of bananas the perfect snack on the go. You can even make delicious milk out of almonds. They are filled with amazing oils for the body.

Tip: Chop them up and top your salat or smoothie bowls for extra crunch.

Soluuna ♡