How To Listen To Your Intuition

Listening to your intuition? Well, what is intuition exactly? There are probably a lot of different definitions of the word but one thing they all have in common is that intuition is based on feelings rather than facts. It is listening to your feelings, your 'gut'. Some people place the intuition in the stomach, the gut and others say it is the heart. None of those is wrong. For you it can be either or it can be both. It doesn't really matter. Whether it is your heart or your gut, intuition is the thoughts, the feelings that appear (what might seem) randomly. It can be about a decision to make, it can be ideas, things you should do or say.

But it doesn't have to be random thoughts. 

Intuition is your soul's way of speaking directly to you. Your soul meaning your inner desires and your 'way' in life. In everyday life it is typically thoughts 'coming out of the blue' or 'it just came to me randomly', but you can start to use it whenever you want and there are a couple of things you can do to start listening, strengthening and trusting your intuition: 

Listening to your intuition: Whenever something comes up, an idea, thought, do it. That is the first step to start listening and start strengthening your intuition. And the more you listen the more it will speak to you. And the more you will hear it. When something comes to you, it can be something so simple as to buy an extra packet of dates when you are at the supermarket or that you should do something else than what you had planned, then do it. If you aren't able to do it then write it down and do it later. 

An 'exercise' to strengthening your intuition: At some points of the day, ask yourself: What do I need/want to do right now? do the first thing that comes to your mind. It can be something big or it can be something small. If it seems too big or too small don't discard it. It will only tell you things you are ready to hear. 

Trust your intuition: This is a big one, especially for me, because it can be hard. When I ask a question and I get an answer my brain starts to analyze and my logic starts to take over and I will easily overthink. What can help here is writing it down. Write down the answer you get so then you always have that to come back to if your mind starts to spin. 
There is really no other way to start trusting what you get than to just start to trust yourself. Trust what comes to you. Nothing is too silly, nothing is too crazy or not enough. Everything comes at the right time. 

Don't be discouraged if you don't get anything. It takes time to learn to listen. It is a door you have to open and it doesn't typically, if at all, happen overnight. It takes practice and you have to be willing to listen. Maybe you already have the answer? Your intuition will especially 'shut the door' if it has already given you the answer before. Not that it is mean or doesn't want to help you but it is telling you to trust yourself and what you get.

Some things that has helped me: 
- Walking (in silence). Going for a walk without music and just listening to nature's sounds. Such a soul growing thing to do. Bird sounds are healing sounds. 

- Silence. How will we be able to listen if there is always noise? We are bombarded with things everywhere these days. Always a plug in the ear. Take it off and listen to silence.  Believe it or not but it has a lot to say.

- Meditation is a great help. Meditation is (typically) in silence so you can do meditation and silence together. If you want to learn more about it then just click right here where I tell you more about it + my benefits. 

- Colors. I don't know why but surrounding myself with colors really helps me to stay grounded and to appreciate their beauty. Colors around you will color your life. 

- Plants. Plants are good for everything. They are extra life to your space and your mind. They are healing and a great way to ground yourself. A thing you can do is ask the plant 'do you need water' and then listen to your intuition. It is the first thing that comes to you. 

- Clear out mental (and physical) clutter. If I have a lot of mental clutter, a lot of worries it is hard for me to stay grounded and clear and therefore it is hard to listen to myself. Clear out any mental clutter - you can write it down, imagining letting go of it, or ask you intuition what you can do to let go of it.