How To Turn A 'Bad' Day Around

First off I just want to say that the whole day does not have to be a bad day. You decide how you want the rest of the day to go and you have the ability to turn it around. You have to be willing to turn it around and know that it is possible. 
Here are some of the things I like to do when everything just goes to shit and I feel like I am having a bad day. These are the things I do if I feel darkness, anger or frustration. A day where nothing just seems to go right:
I think the most important thing is to accept that everything is just not working out the way you want it to work out and stop forcing whatever you want to do. It can be a way for the universe to tell you to take a break. Accept that now is not the time and enjoy taking a break to make your mind and body relax. 

I like to put on some music with a good beat, something that makes me want to move my body and dance. I like to have a playlist for times where I just want to move. Dancing is a way to shake off bad feelings and just be. To feel the music and let it flow through me and wash away the frustration or anger that I am feeling. Some songs I like to rock it out to is: 
- Learn to Let go by Kesha, you can hear it right here
- Out Loud by Gabbie Hanna, you have hear it right here.
- Reggaeton lento by CNCO and Little mix - you can hear it right here.
- Living out Loud by Brooke Candy and Sia - you can hear it right here.

Take a walk with my camera:
There is something about taking a walk with my camera that makes me forget everything around me. Everything I seem to struggle with disappears and I just observe the things around me. I love to get creative with angles, light and positions that can be quite odd. Sometimes I also walk without my camera, I just tend to wonder with my mind. The camera keeps me in the moment and eases my mind. 

Simple yoga poses: 
Entering the mat and do some simple yoga poses is so calming. To focus on the pose and the breathing is absolutely amazing and has the ability to calm and clear your mind. I do not really do a routine, I do the poses that just comes naturally to me and those that draws me. There are some positions I really like; half lotus position, the cat pose and the cow pose, warrior pose and the surya namaskar. I always end with the the savasana which is absolutely amazing.

Painting is a great way to get creative. Painting where I let go of my thoughts and just follow the brush and what colors speak to me. Painting is something where you can never be bad and you can never get worse. Painting is also something that can help you follow you intuition when you turn off your head. A meditative way to let your mind relax. 

Count my breaths: 
A thing that have always aligned me and centered my mind is sitting or laying and counting my breaths. Count 1 at inhaling and 2 and exhaling and so on up to 10 and then I start over. If I have any thoughts or start to wonder I start from 1 again. This is a great way to turn off whatever feelings and thoughts you have to calm your mind. 

Thank you for reading and please let me know how you like to relax?