My Poetry Collection

I have found a new love. Poetry. To be honest I have never really liked poetry because of what we read in school. Those poems were boring and they had such an 'old' vibe. But that has changes after reading Milk and Honey that blew me away. I didn't know that this kind of poetry was also poetry. Well.. some people would probably say that it isn't but I enjoy reading it. 
This is my poetry collection so far. And when I say so far I mean so far because I plan on getting more. Many, many, many more! Reading poetry has open a whole new world for me and I am forever grateful. But let's get into the poetry books I own:

As said this was the book that got me into poetry and I will forever be grateful to Rupi Kaur for showing me a whole new world. I would say that this is the go to book to read if you are new to poetry. It is so good and she is so amazing with words! In four chapters, each with a different purpose about love, loss, femininity, relationships and abuse. You can read more about it right here on Goodreads. 

neither of us is happy 
but neither of us wants to leave
so we keep breaking one another
and calling it love 

From page 122. 

The sun and her flowers is Kaur's second book and my oh my I loved it. Her drawings are so great and fits perfectly with the words. This is a book where I have marked so many poems and cannot wait to revisit and read them again. Like I said before she has a magical way with worlds and I absolutely love it. You do not have to read her first book so if you want to learn more about this one, which I would highly recommend, then check it out on Goodreads right here

the way you speak of yourself
the way you degrade yourself
into smallness 
is abuse

- self harm

From page 103.

Alexandra Elle has really written a masterpiece. This poetry collection is very different from the rest because it is not dark as poetry typically can be but more positiv in the sense that she is encouraging and gives hope. Self care is celebrated and I absolutely love it. And when I had read this I could not wait to read more of her work. Find it on Goodreads right here


everything that shatters us
creates room for self discovery. 
even in the thick of the mess
and madness lives magic.

From page 137. 

Love in my Language is such a wonderful collection. This makes me feel so much. So much love and light. And what I love about this is her gentle reminders and the lines where you yourself can write. This is not only poetry but there are also a few essays with words that creates peace within. If you want to learn more about it just click right here.

Hurt happens
but so does healing.

Pick upyour pieces
and repair your peace.

-You Are Not Broken

From page 131.

You're Doing Just Fine is a great reminder that you are doing just fine. This poetry is different from the rest because they are longer and more about her everyday life. These are poems I found better when I read them one or two at a time. They were so deep and there were pieces I related so much to that it hurt. I absolutely loved it. Check it out on Goodreads here.

I might not be where I thought I would be by now, but I wouldn't 
change a thing, because I still am.
And that's more than I ever thought I would be by now. 

A snippet from My World Collapses Into Fiction on page 46.

I liked the theme of this book. I liked how she swicthed up the structure of the sentences and I loved the way she just changes it up. This is about fighting with food, herself, love that's not really love and finding love. This has an adventure theme but is so real, at least it was to me. I loved reading this and I will  definitely read more of her work. Read more about this book here.

your happiness
comes before

anyone else's

- the real meaning of "self-respect."

From page 185.

So.. why is God a woman? Well, this gives you the answer where she flips the roles of men and women in such a real way. Women rule and men are the second sex. The structure of these poems seems more like chapters in a story. But I liked it. Actually I loved it. This is a book that tackles so many problems with women and men and I loved the way she did it. Read more about it here

On the Island where I come from...

This is the poetry book I read last and it made me hungry for more. I really liked it and could mark almost every single one of the poems. And that is always a sign that you loved it. At least for me, haha. I LOVE the drawings in this one and I love the poems in this one. There is really not much more to say. This book is also divided into chapters that are bleed, love, scar, learn and heal. Read more about it right here.

someone once told me
they were scared of
the truth in my eyes

so i learned to live
my life blind

From page 10.