Recipe: My Favorite Tea

I absolutely love tea! There is something so nice about making a hot cup of tea, throwing on a blanket and reading a book. I even like drinking tea in the summer, haha. There are tons and tons of teas out there but this is my favorite because it is so relaxing and I love the taste of chamomile and nettle. And I find these ingredients to also be great stress and pain relievers. 
Find the recipe below. If you want to learn even more tea recipes and learn how you can dry your flowers and herbs yourself then check out our free 'Tea Time' ebook - click right here to check it out. There is an amazing selection of different teas and tips and trick to drying your own herbs and flowers.

Here is what you do:

Mix equal parts of the ingredients above into an air tight container and mix well. Then when you want a cup of tea take around 1 tbsp to 2,5 dl boiling water and let it set for around 10-15 min. Enjoy. So easy! If you do not want to dry the herbs yourself then they are easy to find in a health food store.