The Hate U Give // Book Talk

This book is about a girl named Starr who lives in a poor and not so safe neighborhood with her family meanwhile she attends a very fancy suburban prep school making it hard to balance the two worlds. Those two worlds starts to shatter when she witnssses her childhood friend, Khalil, who was unarmed, get shot by a police officer. She is the only one who knows what really happened but what should she do when what she says and doesn't say could endanger her life? Did he get what he deserved as one of Starr's friends as school says? 

This book is a Goodreads winner from 2017 and I can totally understand why. Because wow! This book is so much more that just a story written on to paper and so, so important. It is an absolute must read that will open both your eyes and your mind to everything around this topic, even beyond what is written on these pages. About race family and some fucked up things in this world. I learned some things I would have never even thought of and I would highly recommend reading this book and if you want to know more you can find it on Goodreads right here

I absolutely loved the simple writing style and I thought the pacing was just perfect. I loved learning more about Starr, her narrative and I loved her voice. I think this is such a fantastic debut from Angie Thomas and I cannot wait to open another book of hers!

One words that describes this book: Important

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think?