Unteachable // Book Talk

This book by Leah Reader, now Elliot Wake, is about an eighteen-year-old girl named Maise, whose life is not the easiest. An absent farther and a mother with a drug problem is not exactly the ideal family situation but Maise has a plan. A plan to get through high school, get into a great film school, get her mother into rehab and.. well to try not to screw it up. 
But before Maise starts school, she hooks up a man named Evan. A man who turns out to be her new film class teacher. Mr. Wilke. Her life just got a whole lot more complicated and are they able to stop whatever they are doing?

If you are into intense (and forbidden) romances with a sarcastic main character then this is the book just for you! I have read a few teacher/student romances and this is definitely the best book I have read with that kind of romance. I absolutely loved the writing style and the pacing of the plot was just up my alley. I quite enjoyed how simple the plot was yet there was so much more underneath. This is the kind of book that you can't put down until you know how it ends. You can read more about this book on Goodreads right here

One word that describes this book: I couldn't just write one words so I'll describe it with this: An intense free fall of a romance you have to know how ends.