Changes Since I Stopped Wearing Makeup

A couple of weeks ago I shared the reasons why I no longer wear makeup. If you missed it and want to know why then just click right here. But today I am going to tell you what has changed since then. But first, how long have I been makeup free? Hmm, I have been totally makeup free for around 4-5 months. And just before I stopped I only wore a bit of mascara. So, in those months since the last application of mascara, what has changed?

I don't feel an obligation
First off, I don't feel a constant tap on my shoulder of something I 'should' do. I don't feel this: 'you should really put some makeup on' feeling and that is so absolutely liberating! Now, I look how I look and I don't have a problem with it. And this is not to tell you that that this is how every person feels with makeup because no that is no the case. For me it was an obligation and I no longer feel that. And that as said, is liberating. 

I feel better
As I wrote in the previous post about why I no longer wear makeup, I said that I started to embrace who I am and how I looked and that has made me feel so much better about myself. And as I also wrote in the previous post after not wearing it for a while: 

I don't need something to hide my imperfections. Because they are not imperfections. At least they are not mine. I did not decide that they are imperfections. That is something I was told. Something I was being told to feel. And that is not how I feel. So I stopped listening and started embracing myself.  Because why? Why would I do something I wasn't feeling like doing when I didn't really feel like my 'problems' were problems? 

I have started to appreciate how I look and what it feels like 'being bare' - because there is nothing missing. What I was feeling about myself wasn't what I was feeling; it was what I was told to feel. And I was told about it constantly. And realizing that, has made me feel good about myself. It has made me feel like me. Now, I just am. I look how I look.

And because of that I am WAY more confident in my own skin. I don't have to cover myself up anymore. It doesn't matter that my skin may be red or that I have a zit on my chin. Yes, my skin might look crazy when I am on my period but who cares? At least not me. Again, they are not my imperfections and to stop doing something I didn't want to do has given me so much confidence in myself. I am the one deciding what I want to feel and do. 

I started loving bare/natural skin 
I stared loving not only my own but also other's natural and bare skin with everything that means. Blemishes, freckles, scars, spots. I love my own skin and I love seeing other bare faces. There is so much light and so much glow. And that is not to shame makeup or people who wear it, because you do you. It is a form of creativity and that is totally fine. But I have never really liked when skin is completely covered up and one tone and I started loving my own bare skin and other's even more. 

My skin can breathe / less irritated
Even though I was only wearing eye makeup, my skin was still irritated when I took it off. And not only my skin but also my eyes. The evening after I took it off was a lot of blinking and a lot of 'why am I doing this?'. After I stopped I feel like my skin can breathe again and rest without constantly being irritated and itchy. And that feels so good! 

Other changes since I stopped wearing makeup: I don't spend money on it, I don't spend time on it and I feel free not having to put it on and take it off. I just feel so freaking great! I feel free.