How To Raise Your Vibe

What you think, what you say and what you do is what you vibrate. You are what you send out into the world. And that also means that what you give, you also receive. Raising you vibe is raising your energy. And energy is everywhere. Your clothes, food, thoughts, what and who you surround yourself with and even you are energy. But why are high vibes so important? To me a high vibration is like positivity and a low vibration is negativity. High vibes makes you feel good and they make you glow. High vibrations means a happier self.

Send love to those you meet
Send everyone you meet a thought of love. What you send out in the world is what you will receive. So by sending it to others you are also sending it to yourself. Smile to people on the street, hug the people you love and send everyone on your path a thought of love. And not only everyone you meet but also remember to talk and think kindly of yourself. 

Think kindly. Of others and yourself. Even your thoughts is something you send out into the universe so thinking negatively is definitely something that will affect your vibe. And if negative thoughts, then it will affect you in a negative way. If I find it difficult to not think negatively I will remind myself that 'I am (of) love and light' and it will turn it around for me. Say it again and again and a shift will happen in your mind. 

Do things you love 
Doing things you love feeds your soul and makes you happy in a way that cannot be described. You are in your element and enjoying yourself. And that is so important. Because when you are enjoying yourself all negativity goes away. In those moments you are just consciousness. Also, an important thing is creativity. Creativity in any way, it does not have to be painting or drawing but just a way that you are creating something. Creativity is key to raising your vibe.  

Silence is important and meditation is key. I could list a hundred amazing thing about meditating but the thing I want to focus on is the negative effects; because there are non. You will not lose a single thing from meditating, well other than a long list of negative feelings such as anxiety, anger, self-hate and frustrations. Meditating (in silence) is an 'easy' way to raise your vibe because you will focus on nothing other than just being. If you want to know more about meditating and my own benefits then just click right here

Moving your body
And on the other side of the spectrum is moving your body. Moving you body is essential to well being and therefore also your vibe. Moving your body in a way that you love sends amazing feelings down your body and into your soul. It doesn't have to be hard core workouts but yoga, walking, dancing anything that makes you happy. It shouldn't take away from the energy in your mind but give you joy. 

Some other things that has also helped me: 
- Veganism, food is also vibrations and veganism is without cruelty.

- Being more mindful, more low impact, minimalism and thrifting. Thinking about the environment, animals and our planet. 

- Plants, plants in my room has helped a lot. I love to see them grow and can feel their impact on the vibes of my room 

- Colors, colors are absolutely amazing to shift your mood and your energy. Putting colors in your life will put colors on your mind and soul. 

- Breathing, focusing on my breathing helps stay calm and aligned. 

- A clean space and having a clear mind. 

- Be curious. 

- Have an open mind. 

- Be compassion.

Thank you for reading.