How To: Reduce Stress // Collab W. Vegan Earth & Soul

Hey there and welcome to this collab with the amazing Anna from Vegan Earth & Soul. She makes awesome videos with amazing advice on veganism, minimalism, mental health, spirituality and books and you cannot help but fall in love with her calm energy. Today we are going to share our tips on how to reduce stress and you can click right here to watch her video and if you are from her channel welcome, I hope to see you around. 

Before we get into the tips I just wanted to talk about stress and pressure first: 

So, you have a lot to do and it seems like there are not enough hours in the day to get all of them done. You have to do this and you have to do that and you don't ever get time to just sit down, take a deep breathe and sink your shoulders. Today, we are bombarded with things we 'have' to do and things we are expected to do. Sometimes we don't even have that many things we need to do it is just our head that builds up this state of being busy. 

Something we don't have in mind when we run around trying to get everything done is that everything is a choice. You decide if you want to feel pressure. Every single thing you do is something you choose. It might seem like it is something you have to do but ultimately everything is a choice. Remembering this will set you free from all the 'I have to' things. Do it because you want to. Because it will help you bring you closer to what you want. 

Yeah, cleaning and vacuuming my room isn't something I always enjoy, but what I enjoy is a fresh clean space that gives me energy and a desire to do all the things I love, like being creative with different projects, writing and dancing. 
It can be a test for school, homework, working out, work in general, everything you do really is something you choose to do and they are things you do because they bring you closer to what you want. 

Now let's get into what I do about feeling stressed: 

What to do to prevent feeling stressed: 
- Prioritize. This is key to filter away the things that are not important to you which means more time to do the things that means something to you, things you actually want to do and make your life that much better. Prioritize and you will experience a big difference. What means something to you? 

- Lists. Make prioritized lists to make it clear what you want to do. It is also a good idea to think about your 'why' before you write it on your list. Why do you do it? What do you gain? This will make everything feel positive, even the cleaning or your homework. Have a list it so you don't forget. 

- Check in with yourself. How are you feeling? If you are feeling like it is going in the wrong direction then slow down. Nothing is more important than your mental health. Take a deep breath, sink your shoulders, take a break and then get back to your list. 

- Sleep. Sleep is so important to a healthy mind and a healthy life. Make sure you take care of yourself and get enough sleep. 

- Food is fuel. Eat enough whole foods to fuel your body and you will have more energy. You will think clearer and just overall feel great. 

- Breathe. Remember to actually breathe. I used to be so 'busy' that I didn't even notice that I was holding my breath. Take a few seconds to focus on your breath going in and out, on your stomach going up and down. 

- Braindump. Get out all your thoughts and worries. Have a notebook where you get out everything in your head. This is also great to do if you have a lot of thoughts before you go to bed. Get it on to paper and out of your head. 

If you ever feel like you are stressed it is important to know that it is something you can change. If you are stressed right now or maybe you have a big test coming up then note that it is not permanent. It is something you can do something about. Here is what I like to do when my mind starts to spin and it feels like I have tons of things to do:

What to do to reduce stress: 
- Walk. If I am feeling like I have tons of things to do I like to go on a walk and just listen to silence, clearing my mind. Walk mindfully by listening to nature and focus on your breath. 

- Do something meditative / something I love. I turn to creative projects when I feel stressed. Paint, dance, draw, write, do something that takes your mind of off things and makes you happy. This will reduce stress and calm your mind. 

- Breaks. Breaks are so important because you need to step back and relax. When you do a project it is key to step back for a bit because then you can look at it with new eyes and new ideas. If you are feeling stressed, take a break. You might not think you have the time to take a break but taking a step back will do you more good than continuing to be in a stressed mindset. 

- Breathe. Just like for preventing stress, focusing on your breath is so important to align yourself, take a step back and feel your body. 

- Have an 'if it happens'-thing. Have a thing you do every time you feel stressed or when you start feeling stressed. It can be one of the above, like you focus on your breath, breathing 20 times. It can be a quick meditative walk or it can be watching a video that makes you laugh. Find a thing that takes you mind and body out of the stress and into a calm state. 

- Learn to say no. If you are asked from left to right if you can do this and do that then really listen to yourself if there are things you do not want to do. And say no. You do not own anyone anything and it is important to take care of yourself. Learn to say no will help reducing stress but also help you listen to yourself and what you want.

To prevent stress is to reduce stress and to reduce stress is to prevent stress. Incorporate some of these tips into your everyday life and you will feel a difference. This has lead me to be calm, aligned and without pressure and stress holding me down and filling my head with fear and worries. 

Thank you so much for reading and don't forget to watch Anna's video - click right here to watch it.