More Amazing Morning Habits

There are definitely many things you can do to get the best start of the day just like there are things you can do for a.. not so awesome morning which will influence the rest of your day. I have shared my tips on how to have the best morning ever, click here to see that. But here are some more tips for the best start of the day. You can do all of them or just incorporate a couple into your morning routine.

Starting the day off with a smile and gratitude is amazing. You can either just say what you are grateful for or have a gratitude notebook. This will make you appreciate the small things in life and show you all the amazing things in life. Because there are so many small details to be grateful for in the everyday life we take for granted. I am grateful for showing gratitude. 

Inner sun
There are a few ways you can let your inner sun rise for an amazing start of the day. You can either do this laying in bed with your eyes closed and then imagine your inner sun rise. Another way you can do it is by doing the yoga sun salutation exercise, also called Surya Namaskar. This wakes up your body (and you mind) and makes you ready for the day. 

A quick walk around the block will do wonders for your mind. Take a look at the sky, the trees, listen to the birds singing and the wind blowing away negativity. Going for a walk in the fresh air is an amazing way to clear your head and start with fresh head. And walking is just amazing for the body.

(Lemon) Water
I absolutely love to drink two glasses of water with lemon in the morning. I like to go for a walk first and then come home and drink the water. I tend to sometimes also do one glass before I go for my walk and then one after. This is an amazing way to cleanse your system and a perfect start on the day for your body. By putting lemon in your water your body will be hydrated. You can also put in some cucumber slices.

Self-love sentences
Starting the day with some encouraging self-loving  sentences is amazing for your mind because what you think and say is the reality you will create. It doesn't have to be anything super fancy, just a couple of sentences or statements to show love for yourself. I like to say something along the lines of: 
"I love and appreciate myself. I am supported by life and this universe where I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I break old negative patterns and let new patterns of love and light grow in both my mind and body."

The night before
I know that this is about amazing things you can do in the morning but I also wanted to mention that before you go to bed, saying that the next day will be a good day, is a good way to end your day and send in to to the universe that the next day will be just as amazing. "Tomorrow will be an amazing day and I cannot wait to see what it brings."