New Books To Read // Book Talk

I ordered a couple of books, three to be exact and wanted to share them with you. Two poetry books and then a novel I have been waiting for for a long time ever since I saw that there would be three new books in this series. A book, well all three of them, I cannot wait to read but I must say that the novel in a series is the book I am most excited for. And it didn't help that that was the book that came last... But let's get into the new books for my shelf, well first off, stories for my mind:
The one that I am most excited to read is without a doubt he fourth book in the Shatter Me series, Restore Me. I actually don't know much about it but I don't really care because I just can't wait to dive into the story again. I just hope nothing terrible happens, haha. I liked how the series ended, from what I knew then, but I am definitely not mad about more books. So excuse me while I take a day off to flip the pages of this book and devour the story. 

I have been following Gabbie for a long time now and I enjoy her content, especially her storytelling, very much. Her song 'Out Loud' is one of my most played songs on Itunes and the lyric of that song is so beautiful, so if her poetry is anything near that I am sure that I will enjoy it. I cannot wait to read this book, and see her illustrations, especially because I have followed along her journey in her vlogs. 
I know close to nothing about this poetry collection, but to be honest that has been the case with most of the poetry collections on my shelf and I enjoyed if not loved all of them. I put this on my wishlist, and later picked it up because I was watching a poetry recommendation video on Youtube and this book was mentioned. And I liked the title and the cover so why not?