Recipe: Face Mask

Face masks are a great way to treat your skin and are even better when used frequently. There are so many masks out there in the world but it so easy to make yourself. I love using avocados as the base. There are so many health benefits of avocados and they are absolutely amazing for the skin. They are filled with vitamins and they are great for: 
- Sensitive and dry skin 
- Acne 
- Enhances the skin's elasticity
- Good for redness in the skin
- Cooling on the skin

And an avocado is of course free of chemicals and something that is easy and cheap to whip up at home. And when combined with turmeric, that also helps acne, scars and dry/itchy skin you have a absolute killer mixture to soft, clear skin.

I used a teaspoon of turmeric but you can put in however much you would like. Keep the mask on for around 10 and then rinse off with water.