Recipe: (Nut-free) Raspberry Bites

I absolutely love to snack on bliss bites and make them with many different flavors. This one is currently my favorite! They taste so good and I love the sour raspberry with the liquorice, so perfect! If you are not a fan of liquorice then you can of course just make them without. I love the kick it gives! If you want to get more bliss bite recipes then check out my eBook 'Bliss Bites' - click here.

Here is what you will need: 
3,5 tbsp grinded dried apple (you can also use more coconut)
1 dl or around half a cup of desiccated/shredded coconut
2,5 tbsp freeze dried raspberries 
1 tbsp freeze dried strawberries (or more raspberry)
½-1 tsp raw liquorice powder 
9-10 fresh dates, pitted

What to do: 
Place everything in the foodprocessor or mini chopper besides the dates and mix. Add the dates and process until the mixture turns into a sticky consistency. Then roll the mixture into balls the desired size. If it is too sticky wet your hands with water and they will be easier to roll. Refrigerate when done... or eat them, haha, that's what I do.