Thrifting Tips

I talk a lot about thrifting. It is something that I am very passionate about and something I really enjoy doing myself. It is something I would love to inspire more people to do. Even if it is not like me, where I only thrift, but just get a few items here and there instead of buying it new. I don't think these tips are necessarily for thrift shops only but here are some tips if you want to start thrifting:

Be open (and patient)
If you are not used to thrifting it is important to go in with an open mind. Yeah, there might be a lot of things that are totally not you but with a bit of digging and looking and looking you will find your gold. You have to be patient because it is not like going to a regular store where everything comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. You never know what you will find and they may not have exactly what you are looking for so be open and patient. 

Have a list 
I definitely like just going to thrift stores and see what they got but if there are some specific things you are looking for it is a good idea to have a list of those things so you don't forget when you get there. This will also make you stay focused on what you are there for but there is nothing wrong with taking a loot at everything else. 

Be critical
Whatever you are holding in your hands, do you really love it? Do you need it and does it make you happy? If it is clothes, do you want to wear it immediately? If it is something else, do you have the 'I can't wait to get this home' feeling? Ask yourself questions about it to make sure you aren't buying it for the sake of just buying something. And since thrift stores are really inexpensive it is easy to buy something you don't really love just because it's cheap, so be critical.

Be creative
You have found a skirt you really love but it is too big? Sew it in. You have found a piece of furniture you love but it is not the right color? Paint it. Remove the sleeves from a T-shirt, cut pants to shorts, add a patch or maybe some lace? There are tons of ways to upcycle thrifted items and making them more personalized and you. Have fun with it and be creative. 

Don't look too much at the size
If you are looking for clothes, don't take the sizes to literal because they don't really say much. I have tried something that said extra large that fit me normal and something that was a small (which I am not) that fit me perfectly. So don't look too much at the sizing because you will be surprised. There is also a lot of older clothes and they had different sizes then. 

Know what you want 
You can easily be confused about what you like and what fits you if you do not know your style both in clothes but also in decor. Knowing your personal style is key to thrifting. I have come home with a couple of things that I was like 'why did I buy that'. If you want some help with your style them make a list with keywords that you like to wear/decorte with.  

.. but also be experimental 
You can be experimental with it and buy something you really like but something that is not necessarily your style because it doesn't cost as much as new items. But make sure it is something that you are excited about and something you could see yourself in. If it is clothes then try and make a few outfits in your head with the items and think about how you would style it.