Wardrobe Organization Tips // Decluttering

I love to always be decluttering and especially with clothes, figure out what I wear and what I do not. I used to put everything I wear to the 'front', meaning every time I wore an item I would hang it on one of the sides being the front and then I could see what I used and what I did not. But here is another way to organize your clothes to figure out what you wear. Which I like better because then I can hang the items where I want:

What you do is that you hang all of your hangers with the clothes the 'wrong' side on the clothing rack. Then every time you wear an item you turn the hanger around. This will make it easy to figure out what you never wear and then chuck it out. Give yourself a time frame and then out with everything you haven't worn. 

Other wardrobe tips: 
- Hang different items, skirts, shirts, pants, jumpers, among each other, because that creates new combinations you otherwise wouldn't have thought of. 

- Do a seasonal clear out so you only have what you use. 

- Do a clothes swap with your friends with the clothes you don't use.

- Not really an organizing tip put have a Pinterest board dedicated to clothes and outfits so you know your style and what you like. 

A couple of questions to ask yourself when doing a clear out: 
- Have I worn this in the last 9 months? 
- Does it still fit? Do I like the way it looks on me? 
- If I saw it in the store would I buy it? 
- Is it damaged? 

How do you organize your closet?