Why You Should Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Love // Decluttering

I bet if you look around your room there are some things, maybe even a lot of things, you don't really love. Things that just takes up space and when you think about throwing them away you get the 'what if?' thought, 'What if I need it later?' These are some reasons why you should just go ahead and throw out those items you don’t really love but have that 'what if' thought with. With everything you have you should always answer yes to the questions 'have I recently used it' and 'does it bring joy'. 

It takes your energy
Everything is energy. Now would you want something to give you energy or to take away your energy? Pretty easy choice if you ask me. Items you own but don’t love or use take away your energy. It clutters your mind and soul... and your space for that matter. But items you own and love give you energy. Have items that spark a joy in you.

It takes up space
Well, when you have a lot of things you will have less space. And while you may feel like you aren’t affected, it is going to affect you unconsciously. Clutter in your space will clutter your mind. And those things you have because, why not? and don’t really use, are clutter. Clutter in your space and clutter in your mind. Getting rid of all that stuff is liberating!

You could have something you really love instead
Why would you fill your space with things you don’t really love? Things that doesn’t spark joy? Things that doesn’t make you happy? When you can fill it with things that you do love. Things that does spark joy. And things that makes you happy. Or simply just not have a space filled with clutter and enjoy there not being a lot of things everywhere. Once you have felt the energy shift you won't go back!

It could bring others joy
Why would you have something you don't really love when it could bring joy to others? Everything that is ruined or broken (why would have things like that in the first place) goes into a bin and everything that is not goes to a thrift or charity shop. Or you can even sell it and get some money out of it. Why not let the items bring others joy? You won't lose anything by donating it on the contrary you will have more. The more you give, the more you have.  

Simply, because you don’t love it
Again. Why have something you don’t love? The simple reason for getting rid of an item is because you don’t love it. You should get rid of it because you simply don’t love it. There is really not more to say about this reason. 

You won't need it later
I have never ever thought about something I threw away and thought, 'I shouldn't have' or 'I could really use it right now' and I have thrown out a LOT of stuff! And there has never been that moment where I needed any of it. In fact I can't even remember half of it because well, if I loved it or used it I would still have it. So throw the 'what if' thoughts and fears away and get rid of the things that doesn't bring you joy! It is absolutely freeing.