15$ Thrifted Outfit Challenge

I have challenged myself to throw together an outfit that is completely thrifted. Which, to be honest is not that hard since my entire wardrobe it thrifted... But, I wanted to show how much cool clothes you can find at a thrift store and how easy it is to put an outfit together and have fun with it.
I am going to be putting together a summer outfit because, well it is summer here in Denmark and the outfit has to be under 15USD // 100DKK. Everything for this outfit has to be thrifted and newly bought for this challenge, with the exception of shoes because I am not going to buy new shoes, that would just be a waste because I don't need more than one pair. 

But let's get into the outfit and what I bought and how I did in terms of the budget. 

I absolutely loved the skirt when I saw it. Normally I don't really go for black but I loved the shape of it and how flowy it is. It was a bit big on me so I had my mother sew it in for me. It is easy to do; put it on inside out and mark on your skirt where my fingers are on the picture below or you can put in a pin. Take it off and sew it all the way down following the curve of the skirt. Cut off any excess and turn it inside out. Do easy to do!

The top I instantly fell in love with because of the colors and I love the flowy top to balance out he bottom. To contrast the black and to match the white of the top I found this super cute shoulder bag? what are those called? that ties the outfit together and this is a bag that can be used with everything in my closet #winwin. 

How do you like the outfit?